Article 4 Directions

We have restricted permitted development rights at many properties by making Article 4 Directions, especially in conservation areas.

These directions are designed to protect buildings and areas from unsuitable alterations which could otherwise be done without planning permission.

Where permitted development rights have been restricted, planning permission will be required for works falling within the classes of permitted development which have been restricted.

Properties affected by Article 4 Directions (pdf 86KB)

The table below shows downloadable Article 4 Directions ordered by the name of the direction (not the address). To find the name of the directions relevant to your property please view the PDF document linked above. The pdfs are each between 500KB and 2MB.

Article 4 Direction Map (if separate)
Abdale Road  
Bishops Park (No.1) Map
Bishops Park (No.2)  
Bradmore (No.1)  
Bradmore (No.2)  
Bradmore (No.3)  
Brook Green (No.1)  
Brook Green (No.2)  
Brook Green (No.3)  
Broughton Road & Gilstead Road  
Central Fulham (No.1)  
Central Fulham (No.2)  
Crabtree (Niton Street)  
Fabian Road  
Fulham Park Gardens  
Hammersmith Grove (No.1)  
Hammersmith Grove (No.2)  
Hammersmith Grove (No.3)  
Hammersmith Odeon  
Hurlingham Map
Imperial Square  
Lakeside, Sinclair, Blythe Road  
Mimosa Street  
Parsons Green (No.1)  
Parsons Green (No.2)  
Parsons Green (No.3)  
Queens Club Gardens Map
Ravenscourt & Starch Green (No.1) Map
Ravenscourt & Starch Green (No.2)  
Ravenscourt & Starch Green (No.3)  
Ravenscourt & Starch Green (No.4) Map
Ravenscourt & Starch Green (No.5)  
Rockley Road  
St. Peter’s Square (No.1) Map
St. Peter’s Square (No.2)  
Studdridge Street (No.1)  
Studdridge Street (No.2) Map
The Mall (No.1) Map
The Mall (No.2) Map
The Mall (No.3) Map
Walham Grove (No. 1)  
Walham Grove (No. 2)  
Wormholt & Old Oak (No. 1) Map
Wormholt & Old Oak (No. 2)

For more information about Article 4 Directions please contact us:
020 8753 1081

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