Report it

We have made some changes to our report it system.

For most issues, including missed bins, graffiti, fly-tipping, dog fouling, litter and problems in parks you will report using our separate reporting facility, H&F Report It.

If you have reported this type of problem using your old My Account you just need to request a password for the same email address and you will see the reports you have made previously.

H&F Report It offers you the choice of creating an account to enable you to track your reports, or you can report without logging in.

Use the H&F Report It app on your smart phone to report problems and you will see all the reports you have made either on the desktop or via the smart phone app.

Download the H&F Report it app

Other things you want to report, including noise, abandoned vehicles, air pollution and pest control can be reported through My Account.

Here is a full list of problems you may want to report and links that will take you to the right place to report them.

Or report it from your smartphone

Graffiti? Litter? Dumped rubbish? Report it!

Download the H&F Report it app for your smartphone:

For technical help with this app please email

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