Major emergency incidents

Always dial 999 in the event of any emergency where there is danger to life or there is a crime in progress.

We will put information for residents on our homepage in event of any major emergency incident in the borough. This will be updated as new information becomes available.

Council emergency services

If you have an emergency and you need to contact the council out of our normal office hours, you should:

  • call our duty officer on 020 8748 8588
  • text (18001) 020 8748 8588.

Our services can provide a quick response, depending on your circumstances.

Fire, gas and asbestos emergencies

Advice for tenants and leaseholders

Housing emergencies

If you have become homeless suddenly as a result of an emergency eg domestic violence, and have had no time to make alternative arrangements, please come to our H&F Advice centre, ground floor, 145 King Street or call 0845 313 39 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Between 6pm and 9am Monday to Friday and all weekend, please call our emergency night and weekend housing service on 020 8741 2937.

Community resilience

Following the tragedy at Grenfell and the Parsons Green terror attack, the council decided to harness and co-ordinate the community spirit seen during these major crises. We've created a new community resilience project with the community working in collaboration with the council to discuss how it could do things better and how best to involve residents and local groups in response to an emergency.

It started with a community ideas 'hackathon'. Out of that came a community emergency extranet, training sessions to create an army of community volunteers and a growing network of links and relationships via the neighbourhood social media site Nextdoor.

Useful links

GOV.UK provides information on terrorism and national emergencies.

London Fire Brigade - information about your local fire brigade.

Online safety - Get safe online helps individuals and small businesses protect themselves against internet threats such as viruses, spam, spyware and online fraud.

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Life-threatening emergencies:

Council emergency services:
020 8748 8588 

Are you prepared?

Are you prepared? - A guide to preparing your household for emergencies (pdf)

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