Hammersmith Bridge FULLY closed due to urgent safety concerns

Hammersmith Bridge is closed to pedestrians and river traffic because of an increased risk to public safety due to a sudden deterioration in key parts of the suspension structure. Read more about the closure.

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We’ve put an electric vehicle charging point near every home

All homes and business in H&F will soon be within 400 metres of an electric vehicle charging bay.

The new gate will stop motorists from rat-running

Rat-running on West Kensington road banned in response to residents’ concerns

A new gate has been installed to stop motorists cutting through Bishop's Kings Road.

Working with you to get Hammersmith cycle route right

Residents and businesses given more time to share views on proposed cycle path.

More than 4,000 new LED lamps light up H&F streets

Streets in H&F will be brighter than ever – thanks to 4,000 new energy-efficient LED lights.

Community parklet scoops innovation award

The clever design of a ‘bicycle parklet’ has led to H&F Council scooping an award.

H&F Council Leader Stephen Cowan and Cllr Wesley Harcourt get charged up in Standish Road, Hammersmith

Big boost for low emission vehicles

The first of Hammersmith & Fulham’s new electric vehicle charging points have gone live.

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