Watch out! Bank card fraudsters about

Bank card fraudsters are targetting people using parking machines. If someone approaches you for help to pay for parking using your bank card, just say ‘no’.

When using parking machines and paying by card, always protect your PIN from bystanders. If you need help with payments while using a parking machine, please call the number printed on the machine.

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Request an electric vehicle charging point

An electric vehicle charging point in Hammersmith

We have recently seen an increase in requests for charging points and are considering options for providing more electric vehicle charging points in Hammersmith & Fulham. To help us decide on the best locations we are asking you to submit your request for a new charging point together with some information about the circumstances associated with your request.

Take part in our survey and request a new electric vehicle parking and charging bay.

Find out more about using electric vehicles in H&F.

Video guide for using new H&F parking machines

Find out how to use the new parking machines in Hammersmith & Fulham. You can pay by card, or with cash (our busiest machines only). You can also pay by phone.

Avoid box junction fines

Watch this Transport for London (TfL) video or visit their website for information on how yellow box junctions work and how to avoid a fine.



H&F Council Leader Stephen Cowan and Cllr Wesley Harcourt get charged up in Standish Road, Hammersmith

Big boost for low emission vehicles

The first of Hammersmith & Fulham’s new electric vehicle charging points have gone live.

Forty new electric car charging bays by 2016

Move prompted by growing popularity of low and zero-emission cars, helping to improve air quality.

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