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Emery Walker’s Arts & Crafts house open to the public

Emery Walker's house at 7 Hammersmith Terrace, W6 is now open for public viewing after restoration. Visit for more information.

H&F Business Commission Report launch

The H&F Business Commission’s findings on the benefits of heading ‘Upstream’ to H&F were unveiled at Dunnhumby’s new headquarters in Shepherds Bush Road on 21 March.

H&F Council has begun using drones to help survey its homes and identify repairs

Working with surveying company MLCS3, the council’s repairs and maintenance contractor Mitie launched the drone flights to help spot problems with buildings faster. Read more about the drones.

Join your neighbours on Nextdoor

H&F Council and new social network Nextdoor team up to connect neighbourhoods. Here’s how it works.

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