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H&F Council announces £20m Fire Safety Plus package

Following the Grenfell Tower fire, H&F Council has been reviewing fire safety across the borough.

Residents ask council to safeguard homes from unwanted redevelopment

An independent resident-led commission has made groundbreaking recommendations to help safeguard council houses and estates.

H&F approves 45 more genuinely affordable homes in White City

H&F Council will build 45 new, genuinely affordable homes in White City for local residents.

H&F puts genuinely affordable homes at heart of future plans

H&F Council has unveiled ambitious new plans to tackle the borough’s lack of affordable homes.

Thirty new affordable homes approved for Fulham

Thirty new, genuinely affordable homes will be built in Fulham for local residents.

High-speed broadband to reach more than 2,000 more homes and offices

H&F Council has reached an agreement with BT Openreach for the roll-out of high-speed broadband.

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