Bulky waste collections

Find out how to arrange collection of large household items that cannot be reused or recycled.


The council’s bulky waste service is for items that are too big to go in your bin or can't be thrown away with your normal rubbish such as electrical items and builders' rubble. You’ll need to list each item for collection when you book your collection.

Is your bulky waste reusable? See Reduce and reuse for more details on how to organise a free collection. Give it a new home by getting it collected for free by the British Heart Foundation or TRAID. Donating your unwanted furniture and electrical items helps save money and reduce waste.

Consider selling or donating your unwanted bulky goods to other residents in the local area via H&F Freegle, don't throw it away, give it away! If these options are unsuitable, book a bulky waste collection below.

Costs for this service

Costs for bulky waste collections
Fee Description 2024/25 Charge (£)
Standard - up to 10 items of household bulky waste £45.00
Standard - each additional item £4.50
Special fee – rubble sacks - for up to 5 sacks £50.00
Special fee – rubble sacks - each additional item £5.00
Special fee – bathroom suites - for up to 5 items £50.00
Special fee – bathroom suites - each additional item £5.00
Special fee – fencing - for up to 5 panels £50.00
Special fee – fencing - each additional item £5.00
Special fee – broken down sheds - per shed £75.00

Standard items can be any combination of pieces including household furniture, bags, electrical items and appliances including fridges and freezers. A mattress, bed base and headboard are all classed as standard items but would count as 3 separate items. Certain items can be combined and count as one (e.g. box/bag of small electrical items), our booking form will inform you where this applies.

Extra 'standard' items: we’ll collect most extra items for an additional charge of £4.50. Occasionally we’ll need a crew to inspect in-person and then we will quote you.

Motor vehicles

We charge the actual cost for the following situations:

  • removal of debris after a motor incident (minor accident)
  • removal of debris after a motor incident (major accident)
  • removal of abandoned vehicles from land other than the public highway or council land
  • private land clearance.

What we can't collect

We can't collect tyres, paint and other hazardous materials, including asbestos and chemicals and large amounts of builder’s waste.  More information on where these can taken can be found at Rubbish (non-recyclables).

Food must be removed from fridges and freezers before collection otherwise the items will not be collected.

Preparation and collection

Once you've paid, you'll be given a reference number in your confirmation email (or by our contact centre if you don't have an email).

Please follow the instructions below when presenting your goods for collection:

  • attach a notice with the reference number clearly showing, onto all bulky waste items you place out for collection. This allows collection crews to identify your items and separate them from anything that may have been fly-tipped (dumped) nearby
  • put your items out ready for collection by 6am on the day of collection
  • tape up fridge and freezer doors to stop flytipping inside 
  • where items are placed on the pavement for collection, please ensure there is enough room to pass and the items do not create a trip hazard.

Rescheduling or cancelling your collection

You can reschedule or cancel your collection up to 4pm the day before collection, Monday to Friday, but excluding bank holidays, by selecting the link contained in your confirmation email, or via My requests in your My Account. If you booked over the telephone and don't have an email address please telephone Cleaner Greener on 020 8753 1100.

If items are not presented at the time of collection, a refund won’t be provided and you’ll need to rebook and pay for a new collection slot if required.

There may be times when the council have to reschedule a collection often for reasons outside our control. The council reserves the right to change the collection date but will give as much notice as possible to customers if we do this. 

If the items are on the footpath, please bring them back onto your property and put them back out for the rearranged collection date. Leaving bulky waste on the public highway on non-collection days is a fly tipping offence.

Adding or removing items

The standard collection fee includes up to 10 items.

  • If you add or remove items within the 10 item limit you won’t receive an additional fee or refund but you need to tell us what you're adding otherwise the crew may not collect.
  • If you add more items and exceed the 10 item limit you must pay the additional collection fee. There may also be a delay to your scheduled collection as a visit may be required and you may have to pay any additional charges.
  • If you have paid for additional items and then find you can remove items from your booking bringing it into the 10 item limit, you’ll receive a partial refund providing you tell us in advance.

You can make changes to your booking up to 4pm the day before collection, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays, by calling 020 8753 1100. 


We’ll give you a complete refund if the collection is cancelled by 4pm the day before collection, Monday to Friday, but excluding bank holidays. 

We’ll give you a complete refund if we miss a collection and don’t come back to collect by the end of the next working day (excludes Sunday), as long as the uncollected items have been presented for collection correctly. No refund will be given for missed items not presented for collection correctly, or put out by 6am on the day of collection. No refund will be given if you put out fewer items than you paid for.

Cancellations made online will be processed automatically. If you believe a refund is due for another reason please request this through our call centre on 020 8753 1100.

Council tenants with caretaking service

There are different arrangements for collecting your bulky waste. Please contact your caretaking service on 0800 0599 925 to arrange a place and date for collection.

You can also contact your caretaking service via email at: hammersmithandfulham@pinnacle-psg.com.

Commercial customers or businesses

Please contact our commercial waste service to arrange disposal of commercial waste.

Building work and DIY waste

The reuse and recycling centre Western Riverside accepts household waste (including a small quantity of DIY-type waste).

However, if tradespeople are working on your home, please make sure they are contracted to dispose of the waste they produce.

Booking and contact details

Book a bulky waste collection

You will be asked to log in to or register with My Account to access the booking form.

Payment will be taken as part of the online booking process.

For more information on bulky waste collections or if you need to book a collection by phone, contact our Cleaner Greener hotline: 
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
020 8753 1100

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