We love our borough’s trees and so do our residents. Every winter we plant more and we have a team of officers dedicated to looking after them.

Street Tree Maintenance Policy Statement (pdf 158KB)

Report a problem

To report a problem with a tree on a street, in a park or on other council-owned land in the borough, please use the online reporting system:

Report a problem with trees

Request a new tree

We are always seeking to increase the number of trees in the borough and we will consider your requests to plant trees in your area. Before planting, we have to make sure the trees won’t cause any problems such as damage to nearby buildings or underground cables. To request a new tree, please email

Guide to planting tree bases

We are inviting residents to plant flowers, herbs and shrubs – anything you like really – at the base of trees across the borough as part of our campaign to make streets greener and more pleasant. See our short guide on planting tree bases.


We prune our street trees every three to four years, although some larger trees in narrow streets are pruned more regularly.

For more information on our pruning policies, please see our Guidelines for Job Allocation for Street Trees (pdf 52KB).

Old trees

In our borough we have a number of large trees that are up to 150 years old and not suitable for the narrow streets they are planted on. Our policy is to maintain these trees and work to manage the problems they present through regular pruning. We will only remove a tree for a good reason, for example, if it is dead, diseased or dangerous. During new planting schemes we make it a priority to replace these trees.  

Damage caused by street trees

If a council tree is damaging your property, please contact your building insurer for their opinion before reporting the damage to us. We will then consider evidence of the damage from your insurer and decide on what action is needed.

Trees on private land

Trees and bushes growing on private land are the responsibility of the landowner, not the council.

If a privately-owned tree is causing a problem, such as root growth damaging your building or vegetation overhanging your property, please contact the landowner.

If a tree on private land is dangerous and needs urgent attention, we have the power to force the landowner to make it safe. To report a dangerous tree on private land, please email or report it online.

Overhanging vegetation

If vegetation from a tree or bush on private land is obstructing a public road or pavement, we will ask the landowner to trim it. 

To report overhanging trees or bushes, call 020 8753 1100 or email

If after 14 days of this request being made, the tree is still blocking the pavement, we will trim back the tree and bill the resident. 

Report overhanging vegetation

Advice on finding a tree surgeon

If you are looking for a tree surgeon to work on trees on your property, you should make sure they are fully qualified and insured.

Visit the Arboricultural Association's website to see its list of approved contractors.

Tree preservation orders and trees in conservation areas

Some trees enjoy legal protection because they are subject to a tree preservation order or located within a conservation area. There’s more information on this in our planning pages on trees and tree preservation orders.