2018 Council Election results

The Council Election took place on Thursday 3 May 2018. Results were declared on Friday 4 May 2018.

Overall number of seats:

Conservative: 11 (-9)
Green Party: 0
Labour: 35 (+9)
Liberal Democrat: 0
UK Independence Party (UKIP): 0
Other: 0

Share of the vote:

Conservative: 33.7%
Green Party: 1.3%
Labour: 53.4%
Liberal Democrat: 11.0%
UK Independence Party (UKIP): 0.3%
Other: 0.2%

Turnout for the whole borough:


Ward results:

Ward Status Elected councillors Declared at Turnout
Addison Declared Sue FENNIMORE (Lab)
Adam Peter Alexander CONNELL (Lab)
Rachel Alice LEIGHTON (Lab)
03:29 41.66%
Askew Declared Lisa Faith HOMAN (Lab)
Rory John VAUGHAN (Lab)
Rowan Morgan REE (Lab)
03:33 37.06%
Avonmore & Brook Green Declared Rebecca Maria HARVEY (Lab)
David MORTON (Lab)
Fiona Katherine SMITH (Lab)
03:36 42.48%
College Park & Old Oak Declared Wesley Stephen HARCOURT (Lab)
Alexandra SANDERSON (Lab)
02:39 33.02%
Fulham Broadway Declared Ben COLEMAN (Lab)
Alan Colin DE'ATH (Lab)
Sharon HOLDER (Lab)
04:05 37.69%
Fulham Reach Declared Christabel Laura COOPER (Lab)
Iain Graeme CASSIDY (Lab)
Guy Wyndham VINCENT (Lab)
04:02 41.38%
Hammersmith Broadway Declared Stephen Edward COWAN (Lab)
Patricia Catherine Mary QUIGLEY (Lab)
04:25 38.81%
Munster Declared Adronie ALFORD (Con)
Alex KARMEL (Con)
Dominic STANTON (Con)
03:09 34.77%
North End Declared Daryl Jane Eleanor BROWN (Lab)
Larry Brenden CULHANE (Lab)
Zarar QAYYUM (Lab)
03:05 37.94%
Palace Riverside Declared Amanda LLOYD-HARRIS (Con)
Donald JOHNSON (Con)
02:41 47.01%
Parsons Green & Walham Declared Frances STAINTON (Con)
Mark LOVEDAY (Con)
Matt THORLEY (Con)
04:10 38.26%
Ravenscourt Park Declared Jonathan Nicholas Benedict CALEB-LANDY (Lab)
Bora KWON (Lab)
03:11 50.44%
Sands End Declared Lucy Caroline RICHARDSON (Lab)
Ann Pauline May ROSENBERG (Lab)
Matt UBEROI (Lab)
02:47 39.41%
Shepherds Bush Green Declared Andrew Malcolm JONES (Lab)
Natalia PEREZ (Lab)
Mercy Chinyere UMEH (Lab)
04:07 35.35%
Town Declared Victoria BROCKLEBANK-FOWLER (Con)
Belinda DONOVAN (Con)
Andrew BROWN (Con)
02:42 41.70%
Wormholt & White City Declared Colin AHERNE (Lab)
Max SCHMID (Lab)
04:29 35.11%

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