2018 North End ward result

Result of the election of THREE councillors held on 3 May 2018 in North End ward.

Result of the election for three councillors in North End ward held on Thursday 3 May 2018.

The results were declared at 3.05am on Friday 4 May and the turnout was 37.94%.

The candidates duly elected to serve as councillors for North End ward were:

  • Daryl Jane Eleanor Brown - Labour
  • Larry Brenden Culhane - Labour
  • Zarar Qayyum - Labour
2018 North End ward result
Candidate Party Number of votes
Gillian Barnes Liberal Democrat 346
Daryl Jane Eleanor Brown Labour Party 1,944
Larry Brenden Culhane Labour Party 1,815
Chris Glenny The Conservative Party Candidate 683
Michael John Lodge UK Independence Party (UKIP) 71
Saif Lone The Conservative Party Candidate 678
Meher Oliaji Liberal Democrat 243
Zarar Qayyum Labour Party 1,741
Sophie Richards The Conservative Party Candidate 702
Sarah Taylor Liberal Democrat 330

Rejected ballot papers

The number of rejected ballot papers was 9.

Reasons for rejected ballot papers
Reason Number of ballot papers rejected
Want of official mark 0
Voting for too many candidates 4
Writing or mark where the voter can be indentified 0
Unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty 5
Rejected in part 0

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