2014 Council and European Parliamentary

The combined Council and European Parliamentary elections took place on Thursday 22 May 2014.

2014 Council

Results of the 2014 Council election declared on Friday 23 May 2014.

Overall number of seats:

Conservative: 20 (-11) 
Green Party: 0 
Labour: 26 (+11) 
Liberal Democrat: 0 
UK Independence Party (UKIP): 0 
Other: 0

Share of the vote: Conservative: 38.1%, Labour: 41.9%

Turnout for the whole borough: 38%

Ward Status Elected councillors Declared at Turnout
Addison Declared CONNELL Adam (Lab) 
DONOVAN Belinda (Con) 
04:51 42.92%
Askew Declared HOMAN Lisa (Lab) 
NEEDHAM Caroline Frances (Lab) 
VAUGHAN Rory John (Lab)
05:16 36.97%
Avonmore and Brook Green Declared BARLOW Hannah Rosalind Rhona (Lab) 
FFISKE Caroline (Con)
03:27 36.88%
College Park and Old Oak Declared CHUMNERY Elaine Natalie (Lab) 
HARCOURT Wesley Stephen (Lab)
04:45 31.74%
Fulham Broadway Declared COLEMAN Ben (Lab) 
DE'ATH Alan (Lab) 
HOLDER Sharon (Lab)
04:30 39.36%
Fulham Reach Declared CASSIDY Iain Graeme (Lab) 
LUKEY Vivienne Janet (Lab) 
VINCENT Guy Wyndham (Lab)
05:10 41.73%
Hammersmith Broadway Declared CARTWRIGHT Michael (Lab) 
COWAN Stephen (Lab) 
04:09 37.00%
Munster Declared ADAM Michael Ferrand (Con) 
ALFORD Adronie Elizabeth (Con) 
KARMEL Alex (Con)
04:43 32.09%
North End Declared BROWN Daryl (Lab) 
CULHANE Larry Brenden (Lab) 
HASHEM Ali (Lab)
04:28 39.42%
Palace Riverside Declared GINN Marcus William Perry (Con) 
JOHNSON Donald McKenzie (Con)
03:03 44.28%
Parsons Green and Walham Declared BOTTERILL Nick (Con) 
LOVEDAY Mark Alan (Con) 
STAINTON Frances Moya (Con)
04:07 35.48%
Ravenscourt Park Declared DEWHIRST Charlie (Con) 
IVIMY Lucy (Con) 
PHIBBS Harry (Con)
04:48 49.30%
Sands End Declared HAMILTON Steve (Con) 
LARGAN Robert (Con)
LAW Jane Victoria (Con)
05:02 32.59%
Shepherds Bush Green Declared JONES Andrew Malcolm (Lab) 
UMEH Mercy (Lab)
05:05 34.93%
Town Declared BROWN Andrew Robert (Con) 
NSUMBU Viya (Con) 
SMITH Greg (Con)
03:38 32.33%
Wormholt and White City Declared AHERNE Colin (Lab) 
SCHMID Max (Lab)
05:13 36.96%

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2014 European Parliamentary

Results of the 2014 European Parliamentary election declared on Sunday 25 May 2014.

Hammersmith & Fulham is part of the London Region for the European Parliament which will elect eight MEPs. See the results for the European Elections 2014.

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