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H&F Council has begun using drones to help survey its homes and identify repairs

Working with surveying company MLCS3, the council’s repairs and maintenance contractor Mitie launched the drone flights to help spot problems with buildings faster. Read more about the drones.

North End Road Christmas market 2016

More than 17,000 people enjoyed North End Road’s biggest ever traffic-free Christmas market on Saturday 3 December.

Youth Takeover Day 2016

One hundred and thirty five young people from schools across H&F joined the annual Takeover Day event on 18 November – held nationally to allow students to experience the world of work.

BBC Two Daily Politics report on how the Taxpayers' Alliance app rates H&F

Join your neighbours on Nextdoor

H&F Council and new social network Nextdoor team up to connect neighbourhoods. Here’s how it works.

Save Charing Cross Hospital

Watch the new Charing Cross Hospital campaign video.

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