About Hammersmith & Fulham Council

Hammersmith & Fulham is one of London's leading councils. We aim to be the best.
The council is currently controlled by a Labour Party administration and the Leader of the Council is Councillor Stephen Cowan.

Our Business Plan

This document sets out the council’s priorities and the outcomes we aim to achieve in the year ahead.

The H&F Business Plan 2017/18 (pdf)

Our priorities

Saving our hospitals and defending local NHS services

We oppose NHS proposals to downgrade Charing Cross hospital and replace it with a 'local hospital' led by GPs on just 13% of the current site. We commissioned Michael Mansfield QC to review the proposals and you can read his report, along with all the work we've been doing to save Charing Cross, on our hospitals page.

Keeping council tax low and managing public money efficiently

We are the only council in London to have cut council tax in 2014 and frozen it every year since, at the same time as abolishing home care charges and reducing most other charges to residents. We've cut wastefulness, reduced senior management posts, and slashed spending on glossy magazines and publicity - read our annual report (pdf)

Creating more genuinely affordable homes for local people

Through negotiating hard with developers and through creative partnerships, we have 600 new, genuinely-affordable homes in the pipeline. We're building 133 new homes at Edith Summerskill House which will be offered first to Clem Attlee estate residents, then to other Fulham residents, helping ensure local people can afford to keep living in H&F.

Backing business and supporting a strong local economy, through our ground-breaking industrial strategy

Our new Industrial Strategy – called Economic Growth for Everyone (pdf) – includes a new partnership with Imperial College London that boosts local bio-tech, digital and creative businesses. It's the centrepiece is the ambitious new drive towards economic growth and innovation.

Making H&F the greenest borough

We are the first council to launch an electric car-sharing scheme and have ambitious plans to install 200 electric charging points across the borough. We've also halted the standard use of harmful weedkillers and set up a resident-led biodiveristy commission to lead our drive to improve air quality and protect the environment.

Putting social inclusion at the heart of everything we do

We aim to be the most compassionate council. That's why we've abolished home care charges, scrapped council tax for care-leavers and foster carers, and led the way in bringing refugee children to safety. Thousands of local people joined us for Unity Day in June and we're also giving our backing to local Foodbanks who do a wonderful job in tackling food poverty locally.

Giving children the best head start in life and creating more opportunities for young people

We have some of the best schools in the country in H&F and a wide variety of choice for families. Exam results exceed national averages and are steadily improving. We're opening a new centre for children with disabilities and a new state-of-the-art Youth Zone. We also run an extensive programme of summer holiday activities called Summer in the City.

Putting more police on the streets, tackling crime and antisocial behaviour

We now have the largest number of council-funded police on our streets than ever before.

Giving residents more say

We beleive is doing things with, not to, local residents. We're getting local people involved in developing our policies through specialist resident-led commissions, by appointing a Youth Mayor and by supporting local community organisations to deliver excellent services to local people. We've also joined forces with social media platform Nextdoor to get neighbours more in touch with each other and involved in their local communities.

How are we doing? Read more in our annual progress update.

Your democratic representatives

Our borough is divided into 16 wards. Each of these wards is represented by either two or three councillors, bringing the total number of councillors for the borough to 46. Councillors are elected every four years. The composition of the council is currently: Labour 26, Conservative 20.

Your councillors

MPs and MEPs

The Mayor's office

Our services and plans

A list of our main service areas and directors

The work of the council is directed by our community strategy, our corporate plan and service-specific strategies which you can find here:

Our strategies and plans

About our borough

Census information - Summaries and detailed statistics on the population of Hammersmith & Fulham, from the 2011 census. The latest estimated population, as at July 2012, is 179,850.

Ward profiles - detailed deomographic information about each of our 16 wards

The borough profile - provides a dynamic picture of life in H&F and covers the borough’s demographic, social, economic and environmental characteristics in an easy to use graphic-driven format.

H&F Council's statement of accounts - includes annual audit and inspection letters.