This H&F school lets the sun pay for its energy bills

Hammersmith Academy is generating a fifth of its energy needs with solar panels. Residents can now help more H&F schools cut costs and emissions by investing in retrofit projects through our low-risk investment scheme.

H&F Cabinet Member Cllr Rowan Ree (second from right) with Hammersmith Academy students Kayden Haughton (far left) and Amira El-Miari (centre) and headteacher Gary Kynaston (second from left)

“The future lies with sustainable energy,” says Gary Kynaston, headteacher at Hammersmith Academy.

The Shepherds Bush secondary school in Cathnor Road is leading the charge with its pioneering solar panel scheme.

Named Sustainable School of the Year 2021, it has been able to slash its running costs since installing more than 400 solar panels last summer.

“We have seen an immediate impact and expect the energy generated to rise significantly over spring and the coming summer,” said Kynaston. “Of course, this equates to a substantial financial saving.”

Since going live in September last year, the student-led scheme has also helped prevent an estimated six tonnes of carbon emissions – the equivalent of 400 trees planted.

“Not only are we lessening our impact upon the planet, we are also reducing our operational costs,” Kynaston added.

Residents can help more schools in the borough cut costs and emissions – and make a fixed return – with Hammersmith & Fulham’s green investment offer.

Invest from £5

Hammersmith Academy's flat roof is covered in 422 solar panels

A green investment

The Academy’s panels are projected to reduce the school’s electricity bills by a fifth by the end of their first annual cycle, and to pay for themselves after a further three years.

“Whether it is schools, homes or businesses, the more we invest now, the sooner we benefit from a cleaner world and a more stable and resilient energy source,” said Kynaston.

Residents can directly fund similar bill-busting projects through H&F Green Investment. The low-risk scheme offers investors a fixed 4.6%-a-year interest rate and a chance to help fund solar panels and heat pumps for local community buildings.

Invest by 27 May to lock in the current rate across the whole five year term.

The planned retrofit works form part of a wider a series of decarbonisation projects to help make local community buildings more energy efficient and less damaging to the environment.


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