Publication scheme

What is a publication scheme?

It is a guide to the kinds of information that we routinely make available.

Existing schemes

We adopted previous schemes to meet phase 1 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. At that time we produced a pdf document listing the categories of information routinely published by departments.

New schemes and adoption date

The Freedom of Information Act gives the Information Commissioner the powers to determine when publication schemes need to be renewed. The Commissioner has stated that new schemes need to be adopted by 1 January 2009. Following consultation they have stated that websites may serve as a council’s guide to information and in most cases the actual information should be available on that site.

Statement of commitment

Following this guidance we have adopted the Information Commissioner’s model publication scheme as defined in their definition document for principal local authorities (pdf). The document highlights seven classes of information which the Information Commissioner believes councils publish, but it does not require us to publish everything listed, if we do not currently do so.

We are therefore committed to making as much routine information available as possible, electronically via our website.

Other means of access

Where it is not possible to make information available electronically, or if you do not have regular access to the internet or a printer, then you can request information from us. If there is no named officer or email listed please contact us on 020 8753 3020, or use our online form.

Internet access is available in the council's libraries, Hammersmith Town Hall and various advice and community centres round the borough. There may be a charge for internet use.

Charges for information in the scheme

Information is freely available on the website, or on request from us.

Web feedback

We welcome your feedback about the website. You can email us at

If you want to complain about the availability or provision of information you can contact us at:

East Wing, 3rd floor, Hammersmith Town Hall, King Street, London W6 9JU

Other types of requests

If the information you need is not available on the website, by asking the relevant department or our information section, or if you want to ask for something else you can make a written request for it. Further details are on the data protection webpage.

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