Publication scheme

What is a publication scheme and who determines when publication schemes need to be renewed.

What is a publication scheme?

Under the Freedom of Information Act, public authorities are required to have a publication scheme.  A publication scheme is a guide which tells people about the broad classes of information that we will routinely make available to the public. It includes information held in any form for example, websites, paper files and public registers.

We have adopted the Information Commissioner's Model Publication Scheme for local authorities. The Information Commissioner is an independent regulator who enforces and advises upon the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations and has produced and approved this scheme.

Where to find our published information

We publish key information in the Transparency section of this website

Responses to previous information requests

We may have already been asked for the information you are looking for. You can search for previous responses to information requests using the disclosure log.

Search the disclosure log

You need to enter a range of dates for the search and a subject keyword that relates to the information you’re looking for.

Re-using our information

Please see our copyright page for further information about re-using our information.

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