Licensing and permits A to Z

Listing of the types of licences and permits we issue.


Acupuncture licence- Massage and special treatment licences

Adult entertainment centres - see Gambling and betting licences

Alcohol - Pubs, clubs, supermarkets, off-licences, restaurants etc Premises licence

Alcohol - Club premises certificate

Animal welfare licensing


Betting shops - Gambling and betting licences

Boarding animals licence - Animal welfare licensing

Building materials licence


Civil marriage and civil partnership, licence to use premises

Charity Collections - Approval required from Mayor's Office

Club premises certificate

Crane operators licence


Dangerous wild animals - Animal welfare licensing

Distribution of free literature

Dog breeding licence - Animal welfare licensing

Dry cleaning permit


Entertainment - Music, dancing, theatre, cinema etc - see Premises licences

Entertainment - Qualifying clubs, see Club premises certificate

Exhibition licence - Contact licensing

Exhibition of films - see Premises licences

Explosives licence


Family entertainment centres - see Gambling and betting licences

Fireworks registration

Food business registration


Gambling and betting licence

Gaming machine permits

Gambling- temporary use notices


Highways licences

Hoarding licence

Houses in multiple occupation


Late night refreshments - Cafes, take-aways, restaurants etc - see Premises licence

Lottery registration


Markets and fairs

Massage and special treatment licences

Motor salvage operators licence - see scrap metal licences


Non-medical poisons licence - see health and safety at work


Performance and stage licence for school age children

Personal licence - information and application forms

Pet shop licence - Animal welfare licensing

Portable toilet cubicle licence

Premises licence - information and application forms

Property licensing for landlords and letting agents


Riding establishment licence - Animal welfare licensing


Scaffolding licence

Scrap metal licences

Sexual entertainment venue licence

Site huts and storage container licences

Skip licence

Street trading licence - Markets and fairs


Tables and chairs on public highway licence

Temporary event notice

Tattoo piercing and electrolysis licence - Massage and special treatment licences

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