Approved premises licences

Apply for a licence for premises to be approved for marriage and civil partnerships

Fill in an application form.

These forms include details about how to apply.

Please post the completed application form and all the necessary plans and certificates to:

The Superintendent Registrar
Hammersmith & Fulham Register Office
Hammersmith Town Hall
King Street
London, W6 9JU

This is a postal address only, the register office has moved to the Clockwork Building

Any questions? Please email


  • Approved premises licences £454.77
  • Changes to an approved premises licence £96

Payment can be made by card only.
Please call 020 8753 2140 to pay by card.


We will post details of applications for approval at the premises to which the application applies. If you object to an application for approval, please to let us know within 21 days of the date the application was made.

Please send your objections to the Superintendent Registrar at or by post to:

The Superintendent Registrar
Hammersmith & Fulham Register Office
Hammersmith Town Hall
King Street
London, W6 9JU

(This is a postal address only, the register office has moved to the Clockwork Building)

Notice of applications for approval

We'll publish details of all applications, on this page, for 21 days.

Register of approved premises

Aragon House

Address: 247 New Kings Road, Parsons Green, London, SW6 4XG
Rooms: Richardson Room, Arthur’s Room
Approval holder: City Pub Group PLC
Issue date: 21 September 2020
Expiry date: 20 September 2023

Bradmore House

Address: Hammersmith Broadway, London, W6 9YE
Rooms: The Main Hall, The Salon and The Library
Approval holder: Kindred Hospitality Ltd
Issue date: 18 September 2019
Expiry date: 18 September 2022

Chelsea Football Club

Address: Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, London, SW6 1HS
Rooms: Vialli Suite and Centenary Hall
Approval holder: Chelsea Football Club
Issue date: 11 November 2020
Expiry date: 10 November 2023

Chelsea Harbour Hotel

Address: Chelsea Harbour Drive, London, SW10 0XG
Rooms: The Bridges, the Grand, the Drakes and Private Dining Room
Approval holder: Millennium Hotel (West London) Management Ltd
Issue date: 26 March 2021
Expiry date: 7 April 2024

Clockwork Building

Address: 45 Beavor Lane, Hammersmith, London, W6 9AR
Room: The Rose Gold Room, The Copper Suite
Approval holder: Hammersmith and Fulham Register Office
Issue date: 29 July 2022
Expiry date: 29 July 2025

Exhibition London

Address: Ariel Way, London, W12 7SL
Rooms: Reception Room and Main Hall
Approval holder: Broadwick Entertainment Ltd
Issue date: 30 November 2020
Expiry date: 29 November 2023

Fulham Library

Address: 598 Fulham Road, London, SW6 5NX
Room: First floor exhibition hall
Approval holder: Fulham Library
Issue date: 7 October 2021
Expiry date: 21 November 2024

Fulham Palace

Address: Bishops Avenue, London, SW6 6EA
Rooms: Bishop Sherlock's Room, Great Hall, Bishop Terrick’s Drawing Room, Bishop Terrick’s Dining Room and The Clock Tower Arch and Hallway
Approval holder: Fulham Palace Trust
Issue date: 19 August 2020
Expiry date: 18 August 2023

Loft Studios

Address: 77 to 81 Scrubs Lane, London, NW10 6QW
Rooms: Studio 1, Studio 2, Studio 4, Studio, 5 and the Daylight Studio
Approval holder: Film Plus LLP
Issue date: 20 August 2020
Expiry date: 19 August 2023

Linden House

Address: 60 Upper Mall, Hammersmith, London, W6 9TA
Room: The Ballroom, The Captain’s Room, The Commodore’s Room and the Members Bar/ Lounge
Approval holder: London Corinthian Services Ltd
Issue date: 27 November 2019
Expiry date: 26 November 2022

Novotel London West

Address: 1 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London, W6 8DR
Rooms: Champagne Suite, Burgogne Suite, Cognac Suite
Approval holder: Accor UK Business and Leisure Hotels Ltd
Issue date: 23 November 2020
Expiry date: 7 June 2024

The Hurlingham Club

Address: Ranelagh Gardens, London, SW6 3PR
Rooms: Dining Room, Napier Room, Quadrangle Room, Ranelagh Room, Broomhouse Room, Sunken Garden, Mulgrave Room, Palm Court and Orangery, and Terrace Room
Approval holder: The Hurlingham Club
Issue date: 9 September 2019
Expiry date: 9 September 2022

The Princess Victoria

Address: 217 Uxbridge Road, London, W12 9DH
Room: 1829 Room
Approval holder: The Princess Victoria
Issue date: 7 October 2021
Expiry date: 9 October 2024

The Queen's Club

Address: Palliser Road, London, W14 9EQ
Rooms: New Member's Bar, President's Room
Approval holder: The Queens Club Ltd
Issue date: 10 September 2019
Expiry date: 10 September 2022