Climate and ecological emergency

H&F Council has declared a climate emergency in recognition of the catastrophic damage human activities are having on our planet.

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Image caption: Image 1: Residents outside Hammersmith Town Hall as part of a call to recognise our climate emergency

Globally, fossil fuel use is causing rising temperatures, climate change, which is leading to more extreme weather events and melting of polar ice caps. Locally, we’re seeing increases in air pollution and loss of biodiversity, with many insect species at risk of extinction.

We want to be at the forefront in addressing this emergency, seeking out the most innovative ways to improve our environment, by reducing pollution and increasing local biodiversity.

As part of our commitment, we’ve pledged to work to a target of the borough being net carbon zero by 2030. We’ll be working closely with residents to make these changes and front-and-centre of this work will be a resident-led commission driving our green agenda.

The Climate and Ecological Emergency Commission will ensure changes we make are as a result of working with residents, rather than doing things to them.

How we’re fighting for a greener borough

As a council, we’ll lead the charge by radically adapting the way we run our services and the way we work, in line with our ambition to be the greenest borough in Britain.

Here are some of the steps we’ve taken to meet the climate challenge head-on:

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