Parking permits

Residents’ permit

Apply for or renew a permit, check charges and second car permits: Residents’ permit

Business permit

Get a permit, renew a permit and more: Business permit

Resident and business permits – your questions answered

Visitor permits

Expecting a visitor? We offer ‘smart’ visitor permits. They work like an Oyster card – you can top up your balance and use it when you need it. You can manage your visitor permit online.

Smart visitor permits

Top up your SVP via My Account

Replacement permits

Changing your vehicle or moving within the borough? Or have you lost your parking permit? Use the relevant form below:



Smart visitor permit

Greener vehicle discount

If you have a low-emission car, you may be able to get a permit for just £60 a year.

Greener vehicle discounts

Parking for Disabled people

If you are a blue badge holder, we want to help you park near home. If you do not have a drive or garage, you can apply for a disabled parking bay as close to your home as possible.

Blue Badges

More about disabled bays

Electric vehicles

Where to charge your electric vehicle, suggest a charging bay location, find out about hiring an electric vehicle.

Electric vehicles

Doctors’ parking permits

  • 12 months - £126

Please contact us for more information about doctors’ parking permits.

Doctors’ bays

If you are a practising GP and you need to attend emergencies regularly, we may be able to provide a doctors’ parking bay at your surgery.

More about doctors’ bays


To apply for a refund please fill out this form and return it to us.

Parking permit refund form (pdf 34KB)

If you no longer need your parking permit, we’ll give you a refund:

  1. We divide the original cost of the permit by the duration of the permit (i.e. by six or 12 months) to give a monthly refund amount.
  2. We multiply this monthly amount by the number of full calendar months left on the permit.
  3. We then round down the refund amount to the nearest whole pound (£).

We will issue a cheque, normally within 14 working days of the date that we receive your request. We don’t refund temporary residents’ parking permits – you have to upgrade these to a normal permit first.

Parking permits - contact us

Smart Visitor Permits - contact us