Parking permits

Residents’ permit

Get a residents' permit, renew a permit and more: Residents’ permit

Business or market trader parking permits

Business or market trader parking permit

Business permits for key workers - this permit allows key workers to park near their place of work. 

Business visitor access to clean air neighbourhoods permits

Visitor permits

Expecting a visitor? Apply for a visitor permit.

You need to a visitor permit to enable your visitor to:

  • park on street in a parking bay outside your property during the parking control hours for your zone
  • access to a clean air neighbourhood area.

Visitor permits 

Parking for Disabled people

If you are a blue badge holder, we want to help you park near home. If you do not have a drive or garage, you can apply for a disabled parking bay as close to your home as possible.

Blue Badges

More about disabled bays

Doctors’ bays and doctors parking permits

Please contact us for more information about doctors’ parking permits.

If you are a practising GP and you need to attend emergencies regularly, we may be able to provide a doctors’ parking bay at your surgery. More about doctors’ bays

Parking permits - contact us