Cancelling your permit and refunds

If you no longer need your parking permit, we’ll give you a refund:

  1. We divide the original cost of the permit by the duration of the permit (i.e. by six or 12 months) to give a monthly refund amount.
  2. We multiply this monthly amount by the number of full calendar months left on the permit.
  3. We then round down the refund amount to the nearest whole pound (£).

Where possible, refunds will be processed back to the original payment card, normally within 14 days of the date we receive your request. If we are unable to refund back to a payment card, we will ask you for a UK bank account to pay the refund into.

Apply for a permit refund

If you have applied for a parking permit and been unable to provide the necessary proofs for us to validate your application it will expire after 30 days. We do not issue refunds in these circumstances.

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