Visitor permits

We updated our visitor permit system earlier this year because the old system has been discontinued by the supplier. We know that changing the system can cause frustration, and we’re sorry about that.

The new visitor permits are part of RingGo cashless parking. You may already be using RingGo to park outside your home zone. It’s a far more modern online system, and many of our residents already have accounts for use across London and beyond.

So much better

  • No need to buy credit in advance
  • No need to activate a card and then put it in the car’s window
  • You can renew and manage it online
  • All zones in the borough will operate in the same way
  • It’s cheaper than pay-and-display
  • The length of your visitor’s stay is unrestricted, unlike pay-and-display, and you can top up your session.
  • It meets new, tougher data protection standards.

Automatic refunds

The old permits stopped working on 10 May. You can no longer top up your old smart visitor permit.

If you still have credit remaining on the old system, you can get a refund. We have sent letters to smart visitor permit holders to let you know about about the new permits and how to get your remaining credit refunded. If you’ve not received a letter please email us at

How to apply for a visitor permit

If you are a resident in Hammersmith & Fulham, you can apply for a visitor permit.

One permit is allowed per household.

The permit is free, you pay for the visitor parking sessions when you need them.

It is best to register and apply for the permit online. It takes around 30 minutes.

 Register/log in/apply for a visitor permit

If you already have a RingGo account just log in and apply via your existing account.

Or, you can register and apply by post or email

Booking parking sessions

Once your permit application has been approved, you can book and pay for visitor parking sessions online, or using the RingGo mobile app, or over the phone on 020 3046 0005.

See Charges below.

Your visitor doesn't need to display anything in their car. You just book and pay for the session for the visitor’s car at the time of the booking. The session starts immediately and you can extend the session if you need to.

The minimum session is 15 minutes and can be extended by 15 minutes at a time. 

Visitor permit charges

There is no registration fee.

The charge for visitor parking is £1.80 per hour in all zones. This is less than the standard pay-and-display charge.

There are no additional charges, except if you opt to receive text alerts. You can choose not to accept the text alerts, check your RingGo account settings and switch off text alerts.

Visitor disabled discount - There is a discounted rate for Disabled users of 90p per hour in all zones for the first 240 hours of parking each year. To be eligible for a disabled discount, you must have a Blue Badge or proof that you are registered Disabled with the council.

How the visitor permit operates in your parking zone

Visitor permits are only valid for the parking zone where you live. 

The new visitor permit operates in the same way across all zones with unlimited parking sessions allowed.

In most zones, the permit only allows one visitor to park at a time.

In a small number of zones (F, G, JJ, S, X, Y) two visitors are allowed at the same time, you need to book and pay for a parking session for each vehicle.

For a small number of zones, there are some other special conditions which are explained below.

Controlled parking zones with special conditions

Zones B, CC & E: No charge on Sundays but you must book your free of charge parking sessions during controlled parking hours

Zone G: No charge after 8pm from Monday to Saturday and no charge on Sundays but you must book your free of charge parking sessions during controlled parking hours

Zone JJ: No charge after 5pm from Monday to Friday  and no charge on Saturday and Sunday but you must book your free of charge parking sessions during controlled parking hours

Zones X & Y: No charge on match days which fall on a Sunday or a bank holiday but you must book your free of charge parking sessions during controlled parking hours


Motorbikes can park free of charge in any shared-use bay so they do not need a permit.

Further information

For further information and answers to some frequently asked questions please see: Visitor permit - how it works

Visitor permit booklet - a guide to visitor permits in H&F (pdf)

Contact details


For enquiries on registering for a visitor permit, please call us on 020 7371 5678.

Booking and paying for parking sessions

Once you have registered and your permit application has been approved you can book and pay for visitor parking sessions:

All other enquiries, including password resets

Apply by post or email

Visitor permit application form (pdf)

Post: Please print out and complete the application form and return it to us with the required proofs to: H&F Direct, Pay and Park, PO Box 60820, London W6 9UZ.

Email: Scan the form and your proofs and email to

Information about type of proofs required can be found on the form. It may take up to a week to approve you permit if you apply using the pdf application form. We will let you know as soon as your permit has been approved. If you havn’t already got a RingGo account, one will be automatically activated for you during the permit approval process. You will need to call the RingGo booking line and add your card payment details to be able to book visitor parking sessions using your permit.

Protecting your data

Our new visitor permit system complies with the new and improved General Data Protection Regulations to keep your personal data safe and secure.

Please click on links for additional information on GDPR: