Visitor permits

How they work and who can apply and what they allow you to do, including allowing your visitor access to restricted streets in Clean Air Neighbourhoods.

Our visitor permits are part of the RingGo cashless parking system.

Who can apply?

You can apply for a residents' visitor permit if you live in a controlled parking zone (CPZ) in H&F. Or, you can apply for a 'car-free' residents' visitor permit if you live in an area of H&F that is not in a controlled parking zone.

View map of Hammersmith & Fulham's controlled parking zones (CPZs).

If you are a Blue Badge holder or registered as disabled, you can apply for a Disabled residents’ visitor permit which allows your visitor to park at a reduced rate.

What does a visitor permit allow you to do?

Your visitor permit will allow you, the resident, to book sessions for your visitor to:

  • park on street in a parking bay outside your property during the parking control hours for your home zone for less than the standard pay-and-display charge.
  • give your visitors, delivery drivers or trades people open access to a clean air neighbourhood area, allowing them to drive through camera points on a restricted streets without incurring a penalty.

Once your permit application has been approved, you can book and pay for a visitor parking sessions online or via the RingGo app.

In most zones, the permit only allows one visitor to park at a time. See Help with your permit for information about how the permit operates in your parking zone.

 All our permits are virtual so your visitor won't need to display anything in their vehicle.  

What happened to the old smart visitor permits?

Smart visitor permits were replaced with the RingGo visitor permits in May 2018.

The Smart Visitor Permit system did not comply with new Data Protection regulations that came into force in May 2018 and the supplier indicated to the Council that they were also intending to discontinue the card-based system used for the permit as a result.

The Council therefore moved its visitor permit service to the RingGo system which was already in use in the borough for on-street pay by phone parking as the replacement for visitor parking.

You can no longer use or top up your old smart visitor permit, please apply for a RingGo visitor permit if you need visitor parking.

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