Visitor permits

Residents of Hammersmith & Fulham can apply for a visitor permit to allow their visitors to park in their home zone or travel through a restricted street. This is separate from a resident's parking permit. 

Our visitor permits are part of the RingGo cashless parking system. You may already be using RingGo to park elsewhere in London and across the country.

Only you can book a session for your visitor, but it is your visitor's responsibility to park according to the parking restrictions or obey the signs in restricted streets.

When do I need a visitor permit?

You will need to book a session for your visitor online when they arrive, so they can do any of the following;

  • Park on street in a parking bay outside your property during the parking control hours for your zone.
  • Give your visitors, delivery drivers or trades people open access to a traffic congestion and pollution reduction (TCPR) area, allowing them to drive through camera points on a restricted streets without incurring a penalty.

What it costs

There is no registration fee.

The charge for visitor parking is £1.80 per hour in all zones. This is less than the standard pay-and-display charges.

There is a discounted rate for Disabled users of 90p per hour in all zones for the first 240 hours of parking each year. To be eligible for a disabled discount, you must have a Blue Badge or proof that you are registered Disabled with the council.

Bookings for visitors to access to a traffic congestion and pollution reduction (TCPR) area only (without any parking) are free of charge, see below for information about visitor permits in TCPR areas.

There are no additional charges, except if you opt to receive text alerts. You can choose not to accept the text alerts, check your RingGo account settings and switch off text alerts.

Apply for a visitor permit

Before you can use our RingGo visitor parking system, you have to apply for a permit.

You must be a resident in Hammersmith & Fulham. One permit is allowed per household.

The permit itself is free. You pay for the visitor parking sessions when you need them. 

 Apply for a visitor permit

Or, you can register and apply by post or email

Visitor parking sessions

If your visitor will be parking on street in a parking bay near your property during the parking control hours for your zone you will need to book a visitor permit parking session.

Please make sure your visitor has parked in either a “shared use” (permit holder or pay and display/pay by phone) or permit holder space and that the bay space is not suspended from normal use.

Book parking sessions

Once your permit application has been approved, you can book and pay for visitor parking sessions in several ways:

  • online
  • using the RingGo mobile app (see below)
  • over the phone on 020 3046 0170.

Book a parking session

The minimum session is 15 minutes and can be extended by 15 minutes at a time. Read more about how visitor permits work.

Traffic congestion and pollution reduction area (TCPR) access

Restricted streets in TCPR areas operate all day and if you wish to allow someone to drive through one of these streets to get to your address, you will need to book a free RingGo session for your visitor even if;

  • they will be parking outside of the hours of parking control
  • they are on a motorcycle
  • they will be parking off street on private land
  • they just stop to drop off or pick up a member of your household or goods and services.

Find out more about the TCPR restricted street scheme

How does the TCPR access session work?

  • Visitors get free access to the area until midnight. If they stay longer, you will need to book them in again for any subsequent day.     
  • You can enter a visitor’s registration number up to midnight on the day, even after they’ve left, to avoid a penalty. 

Find out more about how the visitor permits works in TCPR restricted access streets

Can I use a visitor permit to book access sessions for trades people, delivery drivers or minicabs?

Yes, anyone visiting your home can be registered for an access session. However, you can only have one visitor session active at any one time.

If they need to park in a bay for five minutes or more, they will need a parking session for the length of stay and you will have to pay the relevant fee.

Book TCPR access only sessions

Once your permit application has been approved, if you live in a Traffic congestion and pollution reduction (TCPR) area you can book for visitors giving access only in several ways:

  • online
  • using the RingGo mobile app 

Book a TCPR access only session

Using the RingGo mobile app

You can download and use the RingGo app to book and pay for visitor parking sessions once your permit application is approved.

You may already use the app to park in other areas.

Download the RingGo app - click on the app store you normally use at the bottom of the RingGo page.

Car free address visitor permit

For residents who are not in a controlled parking zone. This permit only allows your visitors to pass through the access control cameras in our TCPR schemes up until 11.59pm on the day of the booking.

(If your visitor wishes to park on street near to your address and need to pay for parking where they park, they can then either use pay and display on street or their own RingGo account to purchase parking time on street.)

Apply for a car free address permit

Motorcycle parking for visitors

Motorcycles can park free of charge in a pay and display or shared-use bay in most of the borough, so they do not normally need a visitor session to be booked for them.

However, streets in Caxton Village are now subject to parking restrictions for motorcycle and mopeds and if you live in this area you would need to book a parking session for any of your visitors using a motorcycle or moped. 

See: Important changes to motorcycle parking in Caxton Village

Motorcycle access to traffic congestion and pollution reduction area (TCPR) areas

Even when no session is required to be booked for parking, motorcycles do need a valid residents visitor session to be booked if they need to gain access through a restricted street in any TCPR zone (traffic, congestion and pollution reduction zone). This session is free. 

Find out more about restrictions in traffic, congestion and pollution reduction zones

Further information and FAQs

For further information see visitor permit frequently asked questions

Visitor permit booklet - a guide to visitor permits in H&F (pdf 4.64MB)



For enquiries on registering for a visitor permit, please call us on 020 7371 5678.

All other enquiries, including password resets 

  • Phone 0203 046 0047 (standard rates) between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Live web chat is available on RingGo and in the phone app.
  • Further information can be found in RingGo's frequently asked questions.

Apply by post or email

Visitor permit application form (pdf 75.79KB)

Post: Please print out and complete the application form and return it to us with the required proofs to: H&F Direct, Pay and Park (AT), PO Box 60820, London W6 9UZ.

Email: Scan the form and your proofs and email to

Information about type of proofs required can be found on the form. It may take up to a week to approve your permit if you apply using the pdf application form. We will let you know as soon as your permit has been approved. If you havn’t already got a RingGo account, one will be automatically activated for you during the permit approval process. You will need to call the RingGo booking line and add your card payment details to be able to book visitor parking sessions using your permit.

Protecting your data

Our new visitor permit system complies with the new and improved General Data Protection Regulations to keep your personal data safe and secure.

Please click on links for additional information on GDPR: