Vision for 2030

Our goal is a clean and sustainable future.

Our goal is a clean and sustainable future in which human activity works to the benefit of all people and the environment. We are working towards:

  • a safe climate for current and future generations
  • rich ecosystems that support people and nature
  • the best possible health, wellbeing and quality of life for all our residents

The transition from fossil fuels will be an empowering and collective effort. 

Everyone will have a voice and we will share the challenges and opportunities fairly. 

Reducing carbon emissions and decreasing one’s own environmental footprint, should not be seen as “giving things up”. The Co-Benefits of changing the way we live to a low-carbon lifestyle are now well understood, celebrated, measured and documented, in terms of less inequality, more active life styles, improved health and well-being.

Climate and Ecological Emergency Commission

Benefits of climate action 

Acting on the climate emergency doesn’t only safeguard the future. It brings direct benefits to the wellbeing and prosperity of our communities today.

  • Clean air

    We can reduce pollution and improve air quality by: 

    • replacing gas boilers with clean energy
    • increasing cycling, walking and use of electric vehicles

    Reducing air pollution has other knock-on benefits. It improves life expectancy and enables people to be more active. This will also reduce days absent from work through sickness and relieve pressure on the NHS.  

  • Better health and wellbeing

    Climate action will improve the health and wellbeing of our communities by:

    • improving the thermal comfort of homes
    • increasing access walking and cycling
    • increasing access to green space
    • eating healthier, more sustainable diets 
  • Tackling poverty and inequality

    We can address inequality at the same time as reducing emissions by:

    • tackling fuel poverty with warmer, safer homes
    • reskilling for new local jobs in green sectors
    • improving access to clean air and green space for all 
  • Improving biodiversity

    More access to green space will also make space for nature and improve biodiversity. 

  • Stronger communities

    We can support our communities to prepare for challenges by: 

    • supporting stronger community networks, like mutual aid groups 
    • improving security of our energy supply 
    • preparing for the impacts of climate change 

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