H&F Climate Alliance

All organisations in H&F are invited to join the H&F Climate Alliance.

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The Hammersmith & Fulham Climate Alliance brings together organisations from across the borough to learn about and tackle the climate emergency. Embarking on this journey together, we can shape a low-carbon future where everyone can thrive.

The effects of climate change are already being felt across the world. Scientists warn that without significant action to reduce emissions globally by 2030, there will be even greater risk of droughts, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people. 

Taking action to prevent this has hurtled up the priorities of consumers, financial institutions and governments alike. All organisations will need to play a part if catastrophic impacts are to be prevented.

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has set a target to achieve net zero by 2030, covering both our own emissions as a council and those from across the borough. We are among a growing number of organisations across the UK and the world that have committed to delivering net zero.

What is the H&F Climate Alliance?

Whether you’re a small or medium enterprise, big business, community organisation, building manager or facilities team, we want to support you to take action.

The H&F Climate Alliance exists to help you understand your organisation’s impact on the climate, the risks you could face due to climate change as well as the opportunities that a transition to a low carbon future can offer. The Climate Alliance provides organisations in Hammersmith & Fulham with tools, expertise and advice to turn knowledge into impactful action that will benefit your organisation, the borough and the wider world.

How we can help your organisation

Through the H&F Climate Alliance, we want to guide organisations in the borough to learn about the climate emergency and to take climate action. The support we offer is focused on three main areas: Learn, Plan & Share, which all have climate action at their heart. See H&F Climate and Ecology Strategy (pdf)


No single organisation is expected to have all the answers when it comes to tackling the climate emergency and wherever you are on your climate action journey, there is always more to learn. Whether you are completely new to climate action or already have a strategy in place, all organisations can join the H&F Climate Alliance.

We offer H&F Climate Alliance members opportunities to further their learning, including:

  • Free use of a carbon tracking app, to help organisations understand their current carbon emissions and the reductions that could be made
  • Access to resources and training sessions that will help you make sense of the climate emergency, your impacts as an organisations and learn more about taking action
  • Opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, learning from other organisations in Hammersmith & Fulham who are also embarking on their own climate action journey


Tackling the climate crisis can seem daunting. Creating a plan of what you need and want to do over the coming years and linking to targets for your organisation is a key place to start. This helps focus on short-, medium- and long-term actions required and allows you to track your progress.

We have set our own climate strategy to deliver our net zero by 2030 target and want to help all organisations in the borough to plan and act.

Through the H&F Climate Alliance, we offer organisations in the borough tools and incentives to do so, including:

  • Resources on how to develop a climate action plan
  • Opportunities to work through common challenges in sector working groups
  • Incentives to make taking action easier for organisations in H&F, including up to 50 free deliveries by e-cargo bike and access to a shared electric van for small businesses
  • Lunch ‘n’ learns, to learn from experts and other Climate Alliance members on their experiences designing and delivering climate action plans


Climate change is not a problem we can solve alone, it requires buy-in from all different types of stakeholders (including customers, suppliers and employees). Communicating authentically on climate action is crucial for organisations to not only engage stakeholders but to prevent greenwashing.

Sharing not only what is going well but the challenges you encounter helps build trust and demonstrates your ambition to deliver meaningful and ambitious climate action.

Visit our Climate Action Hub

Through the H&F Climate Alliance, we can help you hone your climate communication skills through the following:

  • Annual reporting to H&F Climate Alliance on progress made and challenges to help us understand how to help you take climate action and so that we can amplify your work
  • Opportunities to share with peers, through speaking at Lunch ‘n’ Learns and creating case studies for H&F Climate Alliance to profile
  • Resources on climate communication best practice, what to do and what not to do in when talking about climate action and its impacts

Joining the alliance

All organisations, big or small, in Hammersmith & Fulham are invited to join the H&F Climate Alliance. We all have more to learn, plan and share when it comes to taking climate action.

To join, we ask organisations to agree to our Climate Alliance Pledge.

  • Climate Alliance Pledge

    Hammersmith & Fulham has committed to reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 at a borough level. Achieving this will help deliver a clean and sustainable future in which human activity works to the benefit of all people and the environment as well as a thriving local green economy.

    Climate change cannot be tackled by any one organisation on its own. It is with our collective knowledge, skills and passion that we can truly make progress against the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced.

    The Hammersmith & Fulham Climate Alliance brings together organisations, big and small, to take climate action and learn from one another to deliver real change in and for our borough. This includes organisations that are just starting out on a climate action journey as well as those that are well on their way to net zero and have expertise and learnings to share.

    Pledge principles

    As a member of the H&F Climate Alliance, we recognise the need for organisations to take rapid climate action to deliver net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 for the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and want to play our part in achieving this.

    We commit to the below H&F Climate Alliance pledge principles:

    LEARN: To measure our greenhouse gas emissions to understand our main climate impacts and monitor these on an ongoing basis.

    PLAN: To develop and implement a Climate Action Plan.

    SHARE: To share progress made and climate action taken with H&F Council and Climate Alliance members each year.

Please fill in the Climate Alliance contact form if you are interested in hearing more about the H&F Climate Alliance.

Contact the Climate Alliance team.

Members and partners

Members of the H&F Climate Alliance include:

The H&F Climate Alliance works in partnership with several organisations to promote sustainability within the borough and beyond. Meet our key strategic partners here:

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