What you can do

Everyone in Hammersmith & Fulham can play a role building a safe borough for future generations.

For residents

Why not start by watching a film with family or friends? David Attenborough's brilliant documentary A Life On Our Planet is a rousing call to action.

H&F Council offer free "lunch and learn" talks to community groups as an introduction to the climate and ecological emergency. Request a climate lunch and learn for your community.

Find out where you can have the biggest impact by calculating your carbon footprint. There are many accurate and easy-to-use tools now. Our favourite tool is GikiZero.

Imperial College London have an excellent guide of 9 things you can do about climate change. Get started with some of the ideas below:

  • Sustainable travel
    • Reduce the amount of flights you take (e.g. to one per year) or speak to your employer about Climate Perks, which rewards employees who travel without flying with additional days of holiday 
    • Interested in taking up cycling? Check whether your employer has a cycle to work scheme, or look for a second-hand bike on websites like eBay or Gumtree 
  • Sharing, reuse and repair
    • Reusing, rather than buying new, is cheaper and better for the planet. Get sharing with your neighbours through Freecycle or Sharebee
    • Try buying reconditioned and second hand before heading for the high street - try REWORK for locally reconditioned white goods, British Heart Foundation for furniture, charity shopping for clothes, or platforms like Gumtree, eBay and Depop 
    • Rather than throwing away broken belongings and buying something new, why not find a local repairs business via the Repair Directory?
  • Use your voice

    Share what you're learning and have conversations about the climate emergency with friends, family and colleagues.

    • This brilliant animated video reveals the secret to talking about climate change
    • We're developing a peer-to-peer course for residents in H&F to reduce emissions together. If you are interested in helping design the course or want to be the first to try it, please email climate-emergency@lbhf.gov.uk with the title "Street by street"

For organisations

Every organisation, big and small, can help us tackle the climate and ecological emergency. That means taking steps to reduce your carbon emissions and getting involved in local projects.

We also offer free "lunch and learn" talks to organisations as an introduction to the climate and ecological emergency. Request a climate lunch and learn for your organisation here.

  • Join the H&F Climate Alliance

    We’re planning to set up a network of local organisations to take climate action. This free network will include:

    • Support to measure and reduce emissions
    • Networking events
    • Training opportunities
    • Opportunities to share good practice
    • Linking you up with local projects


    If you are interested in hearing more and would like to help design the network, please let us know your details through this form.

  • Resources for organisations

    Take a look at these useful resources that can help you reduce your organisation’s emissions:

    • A directory of local suppliers that offer ultra low emissions delivery
    • A calculator for SMEs to calculate their carbon emissions
    • Take the Cool Food Pledge to reduce the climate impact of the food you serve
    • Advice on being a “green” landlord
    • Fulham Town Centre CAV Supplier Directory
    • Hammersmith Town Centre CAV Supplier Directory
    • Shepherds Bush Town Centre CAV Supplier Directory

For schools