What you can do

Ways that you can make a difference.

For residents

Get inspired

Why not start by watching a film with family or friends? David Attenborough's brilliant documentary A Life On Our Planet is a rousing call to action.

Looking for new ways to cook and save food? Find low-cost and low-impact food recipes for delicious meals that are good for you and the planet on the Eat Like a Londoner website.

Get informed

H&F Council offer free "lunch and learn" talks to community groups and organisations as an introduction to the climate and ecological emergency. Request a climate conversation for your community.

Take action

  • If you have an idea for a project in your neighbourhood and need a small amount of money to get started, see if our Climate Action Microgrants can help. These give up to £500 for anyone in H&F who wants help with a ‘climate friendly’ project or event they want to start.
  • Hammersmith & Fulham Community Energy: If you want to help install solar power in the borough and deliver community action with the profits, then subscribe to their mailing list and they will be in touch with more information on their plans to bring community energy to the borough.

Imperial College London have an excellent guide of 9 things you can do about climate change or get started with some of the ideas below:

  • Travel

    How can we clean our air, cut our carbon and enjoy our streets at the same time? Walking and cycling are the best way to get around, followed by public transport, then using a shared electric car. 

    What can I do? Try planning your regular journey by walking, cycling or public transport. Use Citymapper to find a local route or Man in Seat 61 to plan your next holiday by train.

  • Things we use

    Recycling alone is not enough – reducing the amount we buy and throw away, and reusing what we have has a much greater impact. 

    What can I do? Make second hand your first choice. Use local charity shops or apps like DepopFacebook Marketplace and eBay. You can borrow items from neighbours using websites including Streetbank and ShareBee

  • What we eat

    Did you know meat and dairy are a major contributor to climate change? Emissions come from deforestation, raising livestock and fertiliser. 

    What can I do? Try Meat Free Mondays and enjoy the benefits of healthier and more sustainable food! 

  • Adapting to climate change

    One of the greatest risks of climate change in H&F comes from surface water flooding, with sewers becoming full. 

    What can I do? Reduce paving in your garden and provide more space for plants. This helps drain floodwater, increase groundwater supplies and provide cooler spaces for hotter summers. 

  • Using your voice

    Share what you're learning and have conversations about the climate emergency with friends, family and colleagues.

    This brilliant animated video reveals the secret to talking about climate change.

For organisations

H&F Climate Alliance

The H&F Climate Alliance helps local organisations take climate action. It’s part of our commitment to work in partnership to reach net zero carbon emissions across the borough by 2030. The Climate Alliance offers a programme of training, events and support to measure and reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Learn more about the Climate Alliance and sign up here.

Helping food businesses reduce food waste

Many food businesses are taking action to redirect their surplus food to those in need.  We very much support this approach however there are some legal controls on this which aim to help ensure this food remains safe until received by the final consumer.  

You should not be donating surplus food that has reached its use-by date. ‘Use-by’ is an indicator of safety.  This is different to ‘Best Before’ which is an indication of food quality.

There are many charities, some local, that will receive or collect surplus food. Here is a guide to some of the local charities that help with surplus food redistribution (pdf), with details on what they will accept and how to arrange a collection or delivery.  We strongly recommend that you use a registered charity as these have systems in place to direct the food to those who need it.

For schools

Did you know we have an award-winning Climate Education Team working with schools across H&F?

Have a look at our Climate Education webpage for information and resources about how to bring climate change into the curriculum. We've also created this Climate Education Guide which includes practical ideas to help you get started.

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