What we’re doing

In contributing to a safe climate for current and future generations, we will need to tackle five climate challenges.

Eliminate our emissions from:

  • Homes, buildings and energy: how we construct, heat and power our built environment
  • Travel: how we move around
  • Consumption: what we buy, use, and dispose of in our lifestyles and activities

Protect people and nature through:

  • Ecology: making space for nature
  • Adapting to climate change: making ourselves resilient to climate changes already underway

We will enable this through:

  • Engagement and influence: galvanising our communities and helping them to act
  • Finance and decision-making: making every decision support net zero
  • Growing the green economy: growing the marketplace of green solutions and delivering green skills and jobs for residents

Cutting across these challenges, the council will work with residents, businesses and partners to deliver this change.

The actions we’re taking

The challenge ahead demands bold new thinking and experimentation. Not every action will be successful from the outset. These will continue to be shaped and refined in the open, in collaboration with local residents and organisations. 

  • Homes, buildings and energy

    What we’re doing now:

    • We’ve switched to 100% renewable electricity for council buildings and installed energy-saving LED street lights
    • Supporting residents to do the same, through Big London Energy Switch
    • Supporting residents to generate their own renewable electricity, through Solar Together H&F

    Priorities in the next 3 years:

    • Energy efficiency upgrades for our council housing, bringing our residents comfortable, greener homes that save money on their energy bills
    • Offering energy efficiency upgrades to fuel poor private homeowners and tenants
    • Leading by example by reducing energy and gas used in H&F corporate buildings
  • Adapting to climate change

    What we’re doing now:

    • Risk mapping to understand what areas of the borough are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change
    • Installing Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems in areas at risk of surface water flooding, such as on Queen Caroline Estate

    Priorities in the next 3 years:

    • Risk management plans for overheating of buildings (also called 'the urban heat island' effect)
    • Risk management plans for water scarcity

More about what we're doing

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