Roads, bridges and pavements

How to report any problems you find on the streets, such as potholes or blocked pavements.

Reporting emergencies outside office hours 

If you need to report an emergency outside office hours such as a road collapse, dangerous pothole, knocked down lamp column, missing manhole cover or fallen tree, please do not report it online. See our emergency out-of-hours information for our emergency contact details.

If it's not an emergency or you are reporting a problem between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, please use the online reporting facility.

Pavements and potholes

Report a dangerous pavement or pothole

There are two exceptions:

  • we don’t repair privately-owned pavements or forecourts
  • Transport for London (TfL) is responsible for pavements along the following roads: Westway, Great West Road, Hammersmith Flyover, Talgarth Road, West Cromwell Road, A3220 (formally M41 West Cross Route). Report a pavement problem to TfL.

Traffic management

During special events we use temporary measures to manage traffic and parking. We work with event organisers and the emergency services to make sure everything runs smoothly, and to prevent accidents.

More about traffic management

Parking bay suspensions and road closures

To legally close a road in Hammersmith & Fulham you will need a Traffic Management Order and approval from our network management team.

Traffic management orders - information and application form

Speed limits in the borough

In October 2022 as a part of our efforts to improve road safety and promote sustainable modes of travel, the borough's 20mph speed limit was expanded. There is now a boroughwide 20mph speed limit on all streets, with the exception of Transport for London operated roads which include the A40, A4 and West Cross Route A3320.

This map shows the current 20mph speed limits on H&F’s roads. 

Map of the 20mph speed limits in H&F (pdf)

Road markings and signs

Report a problem with a road marking or sign

Road signs tell drivers, cyclists and pedestrians about changes to the road layout ahead and if there are any restrictions.

The Department for Transport designs the signs we use. They help us and the police enforce laws set by Parliament.

Red routes are the responsibility of Transport for London.

Bridges and subways

Problem with a bridge, subway or river wall?

Contact us at

We are responsible for:

  • Hammersmith Bridge
  • Mitre Bridge
  • North Approach structure on Scrubs Lane
  • Addison Gardens Bridge
  • Hythe Road Canal Footbridge

We are also responsible for eight subways around Hammersmith Broadway and certain sections of the walls and barriers along the river.

We inspect bridges and structures every year, with a more detailed inspection every six years.

Dropped kerbs and crossovers

We build dropped kerbs at pedestrian crossings to help reduce accidents when people step on to or off the pavement. If you think a section of public pavement needs a dropped kerb, please email

We build crossovers across pavements to allow vehicles in and out of private forecourts. This helps prevent damage to vehicles and the pavement. We will build a crossover for access to your forecourt if you pay for its construction (subject to planning approval and other highway considerations).

When we receive an application, we inspect the site to see if a crossover would cause an obstruction, a risk to other people, or increase parking stress. If your application is successful, we’ll send you an estimate of the cost.

Crossover guidance notes and application form

Highway drainage - gullies 

We maintain the surface water highway drainage system, through gullies found in the kerb of the road rainfall is drained into the sewerage system.

Issues with highway drainage such as blocked gullies can be reported here:  

Report a highway drainage problem.

If you tell us about a blocked gully, we aim clean it within 10 days, if we are unable to access a gully due to parked cars a parking suspension will be organised for a return visit. If the gully requires further repair work it will take longer to fix.

As part of our routine maintenance, we aim to clean all gullies on residential roads every 18 months and those on main roads every 6 months. 

Transport for London (TfL) is responsible for drainage along the following roads: Westway, Great West Road, Hammersmith Flyover, Talgarth Road, West Cromwell Road, A3220 (formally M41 West Cross Route). Drainage issues on TfL roads be reported via FixMyStreet.

Drainage problems in H&F Council housing properties or on council land

Issues with drainage/gullies in H&F Council maintained properties or on H&F Council maintained land (estates) can be reported directly to housing repairs:

Report a housing repair.

Drainage problems in private properties

The highway drainage system is separate to system which connects private properties to the Thames Water sewer, if you are experiencing issues with the drainage within your property/ property boundary please contact Thames Water:

Thames Water blockages and blocked drains.

If you or your neighbour has a blocked or broken drain causing bad smells, a sewage leak or foul waste illegally entering the freshwater system, we can serve a legal notice on that person to make them repair it:

Private housing - Advice for private tenants.

Water leaks and burst water mains

Thames Water are responsible for water leaks and burst water mains on the footway and road. 

To report a water leak or burst water main, please contact Thames Water:

Thames Water report a water leak/burst main.

Street lights

If you tell us about a broken street light, we normally repair it within five working days. Our night scouts then check the light is working.

Report a faulty street light

The night scouts patrol each street in the borough every:

  • 10 working days for main roads
  • 10 working days for residential roads during winter months
  • 20 working days for residential roads during summer months.

As part of our improvement programme, we are replacing worn-out street light columns. We base this on structural testing and visual checks.

Columns usually last for 25 years. We replace them with our standard steel column and modern, energy-efficient, white-light street lamp to meet current British lighting standards.

For more information on our new LED street lights, visit our FAQ page.

Traffic lights

Transport for London owns and runs all London traffic signals. Report a problem with traffic lights.

Construction logistic plans (CLPs)

Where significant development is taking place in the borough we require developers to produce a Construction logistics plan (CLP)

Obstructed roads and pavements

Report an obstructed road or pavement

To report any street scene issue, including obstructions, call us on the Cleaner Greener hotline 020 8753 1100 or email on

The street scene enforcement team deals with any highway obstruction including:

  • advertising boards
  • abandoned barriers and cones
  • building materials
  • skips
  • abandoned bicycles, trolleys (supermarket & post office)
  • goods displayed outside shops
  • tables and chairs outside cafes and shops

Contact the street scene enforcement team who will visit and give notice for items to be removed.

We usually give the people responsible one day to remove the items but in some cases where there are large items they may be given longer. This is at our discretion.

If the items are not removed within the given time, we remove them and dispose of them.

Transport projects

Information about traffic management during special events and football matches.

Highways insurance claims

If you have had an accident or injury as a result of a defect on our roads or pavements, you may want to make a claim against our insurance policy.

Road adoption

Find out how to get new or private roads ‘adopted’ by the council.

Street furniture

Street furniture and our Streetsmart guide

Report a problem with street furniture such as bollards, signs, seats or trees.

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