Travel plans

Travel plans encourage as many of us as possible to use sustainable transport to reduce congestion and improve air quality. Work places, schools, residential developments and places of worship use travel plans.  

Apart from the benefits such as improved health and a better corporate image, Transport for London can help with funding. They can help you with sustainable transport at your site to help you meet your targets. We are working with many schools, businesses and organisations in the borough to develop their travel plans.

School travel plans

We are working with schools to develop travel plans. These plans aim to increase the number of pupils and staff walking, cycling, car-sharing or using public transport to and from school.

We ask schools to find out about the travel patterns of pupils and staff, then set realistic targets to change these patterns.

All H&F schools use to develop their travel plans

TfL’s interactive transport map 

TfL's journey planner 

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Transport for London's travel plans


Software to monitor and report on the performance of travel plans.


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