Road safety

We have a duty to promote road safety, reduce road danger, and prevent road crashes in the borough. Our new engineering schemes (such as traffic calming measures) aim to make the roads safer; and our education, publicity and training campaigns aim to help road users act sensibly.

We are working towards these road safety targets:

  • 50% fewer people killed or seriously injured (applies to all road users)
  • 40% fewer motorcyclists killed and seriously injured
  • 60% fewer children (under 16 years) killed and seriously injured
  • 25% fewer slight injuries

We are making progress on these targets, for example, compared with the average number of collisions for the period 1994-1998 there has been a 72% reduction in the number of children killed or seriously injured and a 14% reduction in slight injuries.

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Useful external resources for road safety information

Safe routes to schools

Safety enforcement cameras

Our road safety team is putting a spotlight on the dangers faced by cyclists sharing London roads with large lorries. Read more about our Cycle-lorry danger awareness campaign

Information from GOV.UK focuses on the dangers of drink and drug driving

If you think somewhere in the borough needs new traffic calming measures, please email

We will check the speed and flow of traffic, if it’s a crash black spot and the number of vulnerable road users (such as schoolchildren) before making a decision. Options for traffic calming include speed cushions, carriageway narrowing, raised entry treatments, alternate give ways, mini roundabouts and chicanes. We’ve used these features to create 20mph zones in several areas across the borough, making travel easier and safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

You can download a map (pdf) of all the traffic calming measures in the borough.