Requirements for a residents’ parking permit

Who can apply for a residents’ permit?

You are eligible to apply for a residents’ parking permit if:

  • your main, permanent home is in one of the controlled parking zones in the borough
  • you are the registered keeper or main user of the vehicle
  • your driving licence is valid in the UK when you make your application.

Who can’t apply for a residents’ permit?  

You can’t apply if you:  

  • live in a permit-free/car-free housing development  
  • have three or more unpaid penalty charge notices, in your name or for the vehicle in the application, that are beyond the appeal stage  
  • own a property in H&F but spend the majority of your time at a different address 
  • have a valid permit for their vehicle in any other local authority  
  • don’t live in a controlled parking zone e.g. the Imperial Wharf development 
  • own a vehicle not registered with the DVLA within six months of arriving in the UK  
  • don’t have a permanent address is in Hammersmith & Fulham, for example visitors, traders, property developers, domestic staff such as a nanny  
  • drive a vehicle designed for more than 12 passengers (not counting the driver) and or a vehicle over 2.28m high.  

Permits are processed electronically to create a virtual permit. Our parking enforcement officers can check if a vehicle has a valid permit.

New residents

If you are moving into the borough and don't have the required documents, you can apply for a permit and have a 28 day grace period to provide your valid documentation proofs.

Documents required for application of parking permit

Proof you can drive

You must hold a full driving licence that is valid in the UK.

Proof of ownership or eligibility to use the vehicle 

To apply for a resident's parking permit, you must prove that you are the keeper or main user of the vehicle.

  • Your own vehicle

    You will need to provide copies of the vehicle registration document (V5/C), ensuring they are in the applicants name and registered at the applicant's H&F address. 

    The DVLA requires all foreign-registered vehicles to be registered in the UK within the first six months. This makes vehicle owners accountable for their actions. We support this by only offering six-month permits to all drivers of foreign-registered vehicles.

    We will not renew your permit unless you register your vehicle with the DVLA. 

  • Hire and lease vehicles 

    If you are hiring or leasing the vehicle we will need to see a copy of the signed hiring/leasing agreement showing your name and address in H&F. It must be on letter-headed paper and include the duration of the hire or lease period. 

  • Company or employer owned vehicles 

    If you drive a company car you will need to provide: 

    Further evidence may be requested to confirm vehicle ownership.

    • a signed letter (on letter-headed paper) from your company confirming your employment and that you are the keeper and user of the vehicle at the property address in H&F (must be dated within the last 3 months) 
    • a copy of the vehicle registration document (V5)or lease agreement (in the company name and address)

Proof of residence 

To apply for a resident's parking permit, you must prove you live in the borough. You need to provide us with at least two documents proving your address.

Please supply one type of evidence from this list:

  1. I am the council tax account holder for the property -  provide your council tax number, plus one piece of independent supporting evidence from the list below.  
  2. I am a tenant and the council tax account is not in my name -  send us a signed, witnessed and up-to-date tenancy agreement plus two pieces of independent supporting evidence from the list below. 
  3. I  do not have a tenancy agreement - ask the person registered for council tax to complete section 6(c) (the authorisation to access council tax) section of the application form and send us this plus two pieces of independent supporting evidence from the list below. 

Please supply your independent supporting evidence from this list:

  • current motor insurance certificate and schedule  
  • vehicle registration document (V5c)  
  • current building structure policy or contents insurance policy  
  • latest gas, water, electricity, or telephone bill, must be dated within the last three months  
  • latest payslip, pension slip or Inland Revenue notice, must be dated within the last two months  
  • latest credit card statement, latest bank statement, building society book or store card statement, must show transactions within the last two months.  

Independent supporting evidence cannot be used alone and must always be used in conjunction with one of the three types of evidence above. All documents must clearly show your name and your application address in Hammersmith & Fulham. Please do not send us originals. Only one item from each independent supporting evidence category can be used.


Apply for or renew a permit