Council tax frequently asked questions

Where can I find help understanding my council tax bill?

To help you understand the different sections of your council tax bill, you can view a sample bill with explanations.

I’m receiving council tax support so why do I still get bills and adjustment notices sent to me?

When there is a change to your council tax support claim, there is a legal requirement to issue you with a bill within a certain period of time. These instances are kept to a minimum, but where your circumstances constantly change (for example if you are receiving Universal Credit), you will find that you are issued a new bill each time.

I'm moving house, what do I need to do?

Complete our online moving in or out form  -  Moving in or out of the borough 

There has been a change to the number of people living with me, what do I need to do?

The moving in or out form also allows you to tell us about a change of occupancy -  Moving in or out of the borough 

I'm a student, do I have to pay council tax?

Every householder or tenant normally has to pay council tax. Full-time students may be entitled to a discount or and exemption if the property is only occupied by full-time students. Find out about reductions for students.

My bill doesn't show my discount? What do I do?

If you have applied for a discount and it isn't showing on your bill, please contact us, If you haven't applied for a discount please see this page to find out what discounts you may be eligible for. Council tax discounts and exemptions 

Why have I been charged for Adult Social Care?

In 2015 the government created the adult social care (ASC) precept, which allowed councils who provide social care to adults to increase their share of council tax by up to an extra 2%. This precept was introduced by Hammersmith & Fulham on 1 April 2019.  

We show this as a separate charge on all council tax bills. The income generated can only be used for adult social care services. 

Why have I been charged for GLA?

The GLA (Greater London Authority) precept is the Mayor's part of the council tax, collected by London's boroughs and the Corporation of London. It helps pay for the services provided by the GLA Group and the running of City Hall. 

Can I apply for a discretionary housing payment (DHP) for help with my council tax?

No. The discretionary housing payment (DHP) scheme is designed to offer short term financial assistance for claimants who are suffering financial hardship due to the shortfall between their rent and benefit entitlement (housing benefit or the housing element of universal credit). Please see Discretionary housing payments 

If I register for council tax, am I automatically eligible for a resident’s parking permit?

No, you will need to apply for a resident's parking permit separately. Please see Residents’ parking permit 

I pay my council tax by direct debit, but the date payments are to be collected is not convenient. Can the date be changed?

Yes, you can change the date of your direct debit by using this online form Direct debit online form

On my new annual bill it says that in addition to the balance shown on this bill I owe money from last year. How is that possible as I pay by direct debit.

The annual bills are dated 1st to 3rd of March each year. If your instalment dates are after this the new bill will show the balance left to be paid in March as an additional balance.   

What does my council tax pay for?

Do I have to pay council tax if I’m in receipt of Universal Credit?

Yes, you will have to pay your council tax until you apply for council tax support and it is confirmed you are entitled to this help. Please visit  Help with council tax to find out how to apply.

Why do I have a second home code on my bill?

This is because the property is your second home and not your main residence, for example, if you rent it out or live elsewhere on a full-time basis.   

I need a council tax bill for a school application, how do I do this?

You need to send an email to and ask for a copy bill. These are sent second class post. You can however view your bill on My Account. Please see Manage your council tax in My Account

Can I order a bill or statement online?

No, please send an email to and ask for a copy bill.  These are sent second class post. You can however view your bill on My Account. Please see Manage your council tax in My Account

I’ve made a payment, where can I see this?

You can do this in My Account. You need to register with My Account and then set up your online council tax account. Please see Manage your council tax in My Account

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