Help with council tax

Are you struggling to pay?

If you are struggling to pay your bill and would like advice there are some organisations in the borough who can help. See Help paying

Council tax support

If you are on a low income and need help to pay your council tax bill, then you may qualify for council tax support.

Find out if you qualify for council tax support by using our online application and calculator.

Apply for council tax support

Use the online benefit application and calculator to:

  • see how much housing benefit and council tax support you could get if you rent
  • check and claim council tax support if you own your home
  • find out if you're entitled to pension credit.

The calculation is based on the information you provide.

Universal Credit (UC) and council tax support are separate schemes and claiming UC does not automatically entitle you to council tax support. If you have recently claimed or been awarded UC and would like help with your council tax, please use the online benefit application and calculator to apply.

More about claiming housing benefit and council tax support

Council tax support and Universal Credit

Although most people who receive UC no longer have help with their housing costs provided by the council, support with council tax is claimed from us whether someone is on UC or not.

To make sure that council tax support does not undermine work incentives, our council tax support scheme is able to mirror UC income allowances. There's an explanation of how this works in the reference document.

Further details of how council tax support works in Hammersmith & Fulham are in the reference document for our scheme.

H&F council tax reduction scheme (pdf 1MB)

If you would like further advice about council tax support, please email