Suspensions and road closures

Coronavirus update on suspension bookings

Due to Covid19 staffing issues, we are currently unable to accept suspension bookings with a start date before the 9 November 2020. We will update this information if the situation changes so please continue to check this page. 

  • Areas and streets where some suspension restrictions are still in operation

     Some restrictions are still in place at key locations to protect parking for NHS and key workers. These include:

    • Du Cane Road
    • Fulham Palace Road
    • St Dustan’s Road
    • Margravine Road
    • Margravine Gardens
    • Parson Green
    • Parson Green Lane
    • New Kings Road
    • King Street
    • North End Road
    • Lillie Road
    • Tunis Road
    • Abdale Road
    • Swindon Street
    • Stanlake Road
    • Stanlake Villas
    • Uxbridge Road
    • Fulham Road
    • Bloemfontein Road
    • Uxbridge Road
    • Bloemfontein Avenue
    • Wood Lane
    • Macfarlane Road
    • Hopgood Street
    • Tadmor Street
    • Caxton Road
    • Stern Street
    • Bulwer Street
    • Aldine Street
    • Shepherd Bush Road
    • Shepherd Bush Green
    • Shortlands
    • Chalk Hill Road
    • Blythe Road

You can apply for a parking suspension online.

If you're a utility company, you need to apply using the utility company parking suspension form.

What you need to know

Notice periods

We need reasonable notice to warn other road users and to place signs around the bays.

Our notice periods are:

  • 8 days
  • 2 weeks
  • 4 weeks.

We must receive your application and payment by 3pm on the start date of the notice period you need to give for the suspension.

We count Saturdays and Sundays as notification days, you should take these days into account when arranging a suspension.

When we need eight days notice

If you want to suspend up to six bays (30 metres) for up to three days, we need at least eight days’ notice before the suspension date.

For example, if you want the suspension to start on 17 April, we would need your request and payment by 3pm on 9 April.

However, if the start of your notice period falls on a Saturday or Sunday, we'll need your request and payment by 3pm on the Friday before.

When we need two weeks notice

We need at least two weeks notice, before the date of suspension, if you want to suspend:

  • up to six bays (30 metres) for more than three days
  • between six and 12 bays for up to a week.

For example, if you want the suspension to start on 15 April, we would need to receive your request and payment by 3pm on 1 April.

However, if the start of your notice period falls on a Saturday or Sunday, we'll need your request and payment by 3pm on the Friday before.

When we need four weeks notice

We need at least four weeks notice, before the date of suspension, if you want to suspend:

  • more than 12 bays (60 metres)
  • bays for more than a week.

You'll also need to send leaflets to local residents advising them of the suspension. We will need to see and approve your leaflets before you distribute them.

If you need a large suspension for more than a week, call us on 020 7371 5678 Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.


The charges for parking bay suspensions increased on 1 April 2019. 

The suspension fee is chargeable per day and per five-metre parking bay space. A chargeable day is any day the parking controls would normally apply in the suspended area.

For example, if you need to suspend bays from Thursday to Saturday and the controlled parking hours don't apply on Saturday, then Thursday and Friday are the only chargeable days.

Check the controlled hours for the parking zone you want the suspension in.

The fees per space are:

  • £44 for each of the first five chargeable days
  • £66 per day, from day six to day 42
  • £88 daily from day 43 upwards.

Example charges

Example 1: A four-day parking suspension for two bays and each day is chargeable

The cost for this suspension is £352.

To calculate the cost, it is 4 days × £44 × 2 bays.

Example 2: An eight-day parking suspension for three bays and each day is chargeable

The cost for this suspension is £1,254.

To calculcate the cost, the first five days are charged at £44 and the other three days at £66.

So, it is 5 days × £44 × 3 bays. This is £660.

For the other 3 days, it is 3 days × £66 × 3 bays. This is £594.

See the full list of graduated charges for 2019-20, calculated per day, per parking bay space (xls 22KB)

How to pay

Once you have received your invoice from us, please ensure we receive your payment for your suspension before your deadline date and time.

Payment can be made by credit or debit card over the phone on 020 7371 5678.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Delta
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • Solo
  • Visa

Please use your suspension number as your reference when you are making the payment.

Or you can pay by bank transfer.

When you have completed the transfer please email and include:

  • a copy of your remittance advice
  • your suspension reference number
  • your name
  • location of the suspension.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that full payment is received by the deadline date, or the application will be declined.

Skips and building materials

If you want to place a skip or building materials in a suspended bay, you will also need to apply for and display a skip or materials permit. We only accept applications from skip companies and building contractors.

Apply for a skip permit

Apply for a building materials permit

Utility companies

Contractors working on behalf of a utility company should contact their traffic management officer to ask for a suspension.

Different charging structures apply to utility applications. These are explained on the form.

Film crews

Please ensure you've read the parking bay suspensions for film crews page before you apply.

Film crews applying for a suspension will need to send us and the H&F film office a list of trucks and a diagram showing how they will be parked.

Send your email to and and include the reference number for your form.

Amendments and cancellations

We charge a fee of £35 for each amendment or cancellation to an existing parking suspension. We can't process these until you pay this fee.

If you need to change the suspension, you must contact us in writing at least eight days before the new date required.

You must give us at least two working days’ notice for all cancellations, otherwise we can’t issue a refund.

By submitting your application, you are confirming that you have agreed to the conditions shown on the application form.

Road closures

To legally close a road in Hammersmith & Fulham you will need a Traffic Management Order and approval from our network management team.

Please visit the traffic management orders page for more information or email or