H&F recycle champions help save taxpayers more than £1m

We thank all the H&F households who recycled last year. Together, we collected a whopping 9,500 tonnes of recycling in 2022.

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Together, H&F recycled 9,500 tonnes of recycling in 2022

We thank all the Hammersmith & Fulham households who recycled last year.

In 2022, we collected a whopping 9,500 tonnes of recycling. That’s the equivalent of the weight of 61 Boeing 747 airplanes. Most importantly, it has saved taxpayers almost £1.2m on disposal fees.

Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Ecology, said: “Thank you to every H&F household who made an effort to recycle in 2022 – it really helps make a difference. We’re working hard to make our borough clean and green, but we can’t do it without you. Please join us as we pledge more climate action and less waste in 2023.”

Visit the H&F website for more details on how to recycle at home, including collection days and contact details.

Kind to planet and wallet

Recycling can help conserve natural resources, protect ecosystems and wildlife, and save taxpayers money. But only when done right.

Not everything belongs in the dry mixed recycling bin. See what items you can and which ones you can’t recycle. If in doubt, leave it out!

Even better than recycling is to avoid waste altogether.

- Visit Hammersmith’s new Library of Things at Livat shopping mall to borrow useful household items rather than buy new.

- Read our three hacks to reduce waste and lower H&F’s carbon footprint here.

- Or visit our reduce and reuse webpage for more handy tips.

Your guide to recycling in H&F

Got clothes or electronics to recycle? Here are some easy workarounds for items you cannot recycle at home:

Home collections

Why not book a pick-up from the convenience of your home? In partnership with Traid, we offer FREE home collections for clothes, textiles and small electronic household items. Book a collection.

H&F libraries

Three of H&F’s libraries have dedicated drop-off points for small electricals, batteries, light bulbs, textiles and laptops.

Find them at our Climate Hubs at:

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Climate Hub at Hammersmith Library

Electrical banks

H&F is also home to 15 recycling sites, where residents can donate small, portable electrical items. View a full list of all indoor and outdoor locations on the electrical recycling webpage.

Clothes, shoes, textile banks

Or take your pre-loved clothes, shoes and textiles to one of our 45 outdoor recycling sites. Find your nearest recycling site at the Recycle Now website.

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