Recycling at home

Recycling collections

Please put your rubbish and recycling out before 6am on your normal collection day - or after 9pm on the evening before.

If you live in a house or a small block of flats you can recycle using our Smart Sacks service. If you live in a large block of flats with shared rubbish bins you will probably have a Smart Bank.

Please put your recycling out before 6am on your collection day – or after 9pm on the evening before.

Your bin collection day does not change on or after a bank holiday weekend. Collection days do change at Christmas and New Year. 

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Missed collections

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Smart Sacks

Smart Sacks are single-use bags used to collect recycling.

Find out more about Smart Sacks

Recycling for estates, flats and mansion blocks

If you live on an estate or in a large block of flats you will have a reusable bag to store your recycling and various ways to get it collected depending on where you live.

Recycling for flats and estates

What you can recycle

Most people recycle because it's good for the environment, reduces waste and helps keep your council tax bills down. Are you doing your bit?

Please put the following items in your smart clear sacks or in the smart banks:

  • mixed glass
  • paper and card
  • plastic bottles
  • plastic trays and tubs
  • cartons
  • Tetra Paks
  • tins and cans.

More on what you can and can't recycle and why

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