H&F students perform strongly in new tougher GCSEs

Thursday was an emotional day for GCSE students across H&F as they tore into envelopes containing their results.

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Excited Phoenix Academy students collect their GCSE results

Thursday was an emotional day for GCSE students across Hammersmith & Fulham as they tore into envelopes containing their results. 

Early figures suggest pupils performed strongly under the relatively new exam system, which began being phased in last year.

Grades are awarded from nine to one. With nine, eight and seven ranging from what would have been A* to A in the old system, and four being similar to a C.

Passes at grades nine to five in maths rose from 55 per cent to 61 per cent, and those at grades nine to five in English from 73 to 74 per cent.

“Having gone to school in the borough, I know first hand how wonderful our schools are,” said Cllr Larry Culhane, Cabinet Member for Children and Education. “At a time when the exam system is changing and getting tougher, these results give us even more reason to celebrate. Congratulations to all students, families and staff on their achievements this year.

“Every school has a great story to tell this year, both collectively and individually. I wish everyone receiving their results the best of luck in whatever they choose to do next.”

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