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Plenty of reasons to be proud of GCSE results at Hurlingham Academy

Staff at Hurlingham Academy said they couldn’t be prouder of their pupils after seeing them open their all-important envelopes.

Grades are awarded from nine to one. With nine, eight and seven ranging from what would have been A* to A in the old system, and four being similar to a C.

The certificates revealed that 84 per cent of the grades were marked as grade four and above, including English and Maths while 64 per cent were grade five and above.

Tweeting on results day morning, school staff said: “So much love, pride and support in this year group - as [Vice Principal, Juliette] Quinton would say, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’.”

Among the success stories at the school in Peterborough Road, Fulham, was Elissavet who got six grade nines and two grade eights, as well as two grade A*s in subjects marked under the old system.

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