South Fulham traffic, congestion and pollution reduction scheme

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Background to the scheme 
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Background to the scheme

Our ambition is to reduce traffic, congestion and pollution and make our roads safer and more pleasant. We aim to achieve this by restricting non-local traffic from passing through selected roads.

We are using 2020 tech solutions to tackle the decades-old problem of traffic congestion and air pollution. The controlled areas are monitored by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras which check whether a vehicle using that road has an access permit.

The South Fulham Traffic, Congestion and Pollution Reduction (TCPR) scheme will enhance the quality of life for residents and businesses by stopping out-of-borough traffic using side streets as cut-throughs. Noise, air pollution and carbon emissions should decrease in keeping with the council’s climate emergency strategy.

Phase One of the scheme introduced control points to the east of Wandsworth Bridge Road and traffic data shows has removed 170,000 vehicles a week from the area.

However, due to a combination of bridge closures, changing driver behavior during Covid-19 and the determination of satellite navigation systems to seek out fastest routes, there has been an increase in congestion to the west of, and in, Wandsworth Bridge Road.

Options for extending the scheme to the west and to improve traffic control and management of traffic on Wandsworth Bridge Road are now being developed with three working parties of residents across south Fulham.

Key aspects of the scheme

The South Fulham TCPR scheme went live on Monday 20 July and the key points of the scheme are as follows.

  • H&F residents who hold an H&F parking permit and H&F residents whose vehicle is registered to their H&F home address will automatically be granted a borough access permit.
  • This permit allows you to pass through any restricted access points to roads in the borough.
  • The permit is virtual and you do not need to display anything in your car.
  • Vehicles registered to an H&F address will be added to a permitted list, exempt from the restrictions and the registered keeper of the vehicles will not be sent a fine.
  • If a vehicle is not exempt from the restrictions, the registered keeper of the vehicle will be sent a fine.
  • This permit is only to gain access through a control point in a restricted road in the borough. Only residents or businesses who hold a valid parking permit for each restricted road, or who pay the appropriate parking charge, are entitled to park on the street in these roads. Find out about parking permits
  • Any non-resident can reach any property in the area without needing to go through a control point.
  • If visitors or delivery drivers intend to drive, or have driven, through the camera-controlled point, residents should obtain on-the-day permits for them via the RingGo app. This will avoid the issuing of penalty notices. The alternative is to use a different route to avoid the controls.
  • The new access controls are different from parking controls and apply 24/7. This means that visitor permits are required outside controlled parking hours or if the visitor parks in a bay

Restricted roads involved in the South Fulham TCPR scheme

  • Harwood Terrace – westbound only outside the Rose pub
  • Bagley’s Lane between Cresford Road and Harwood Terrace (access permitted for deliveries to properties on restricted street)
  • Broughton Road between Langford Road and Broughton Road Approach (access permitted for deliveries to properties on restricted street)
  • Hazelbury Road at the junction with Cranbury Road
  • Imperial Road between Fulmead Street and Emden Street

There are no restrictions on Carnwath Road and no changes to the access to Broomhouse Lane which has an existing width restriction gate at just North of Daisy lane. Signs appear at these junctions and others to warn drivers that they are entering an area with some restricted roads east of Wandsworth Bridge Road.

Who needs to apply?

To make the change as painless as possible for residents, we’re issuing borough access permits to all residents who are automatically eligible.

You will be automatically issued a permit if:

  • Your vehicle has a valid H&F parking permit (for any zone)
  • You are a resident without a parking permit and your vehicle is registered to your H&F home

Some residents must apply before passing through a restricted road:

  • If your vehicle is not registered to your H&F home, such as a company car or lease / hire car. 
  • You have just moved to the borough and are awaiting new vehicle keeper details to show your vehicle is registered in borough.
  • If you have temporary residency, or lodging in H&F
  • You are a resident in H&F and your vehicle is registered in another country.

How do I get a borough access permit?

You can apply online for a borough access permit.

You will be asked to provide the following proof:

  • Vehicle log-book (VQ5) showing the vehicle information and the registered address of the keeper
  • Proof of residency in the borough, such as council tax statement, utility bill, rent demand
  • Proof of vehicle usage or ownership or relationship to the vehicles address if not at your H&F residency. Insurance documents, company information, hire or lease agreements, residency information of second home.

Visitors to your property

If you have visitors or trades people that need to pass through a restriction you will have to book a visitor permit using the visitor permits scheme. 
This applies to:

  • visitors who park on street during parking control hours (payment required for the parking)
  • visitors who park on street outside of parking control hours (free of charge)
  • visitors who park off street on private land (free of charge)
  • visitors on a motorcycle who park on or off street anytime of the day (free of charge)

You may book your visitor permit session in advance (if you know the vehicle number plate) or, before midnight on the day that your visitor(s) or trades people pass through the control point in the restricted street. Find out about the visitor permit scheme


Tell us how this experimental scheme is affecting you

Tell us what you think of this scheme 

Frequently asked questions

Please see Frequently asked questions for further information.

Further information

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