Surface-water management plan

The SWMP includes an action plan to reduce flood risks in the borough.

Our surface-water management plan (SWMP) covers flooding from sewers, drains, groundwater, and runoff from land, small watercourses and ditches caused by heavy rainfall.

  • It has modelled potential flooding across the borough for a range of storm events.
  • It identifies flooding hotspots.
  • It includes an assessment of potential borough-level sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).
  • It includes an action plan to reduce flood risks in the borough.

Many of the actions outlined in the SWMP are already being implemented in Hammersmith & Fulham.

Sustainable drainage systems

We have delivered a number of SuDS schemes across the borough as part of our street improvement works such as Goldhawk Road, Australia Road and Talgarth Road, winning several awards along the way.

In addition to this we have worked in partnership with Thames Water to install SuDS pilot projects at Mendora Road and Melina Road as part of the overall Counters Creek scheme.

We have also successfully integrated SuDS into a number of our housing estates as part of the EU LiFE+ project, which won the College of Fellows Award for climate change adaptation at the Landscape Institute Awards.

We also promote SuDS in our Local Plan, which requires the installation of SuDS in new developments where feasible, particularly for major schemes. These are expected to integrate SuDS, such as permeable paving, soft landscaping including green roofs to allow infiltration of rainwater, collection and re-use of rainwater and other measures.

Our planning policies, including those relating to promotion of SuDS are currently under review. Further details on proposed policy revisions can be found in the latest consultation draft of the Local Plan.

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