Black history in H&F

    People love living in Hammersmith & Fulham.

    It’s diverse, we care about our neighbours, and we don’t like unfairness.

    To ensure younger residents of the borough share in those values, we launched an investigation into H&F’s own Black history during Black History Month - October 2021.

    In our investigation we asked:

    • Which historical black individuals lived here?
    • Were we always a diverse borough?
    • How did that road get its name?
    • Did Hammersmith & Fulham play a part in the slave trade?

    We know in the past people haven’t always shared the same opinions as we do today. In our investigation, we also discovered that Hammersmith & Fulham has been home to many brilliant and distinct ethnic minority people.

    The only problem was that, in the past, people didn’t think they were important because of the colour of their skin.

    We call these 'hidden figures'.

    Proud of our Black history

    We want to put these 'hidden figures' in their rightful place in our borough’s history.

    Soon, you’ll start to see their names appearing near the buildings where they lived or worked as part of our new H&F Black History Trail. 

    In the meantime, this information will help you learn their stories and their place in Hammersmith & Fulham’s history.

    Thank you to the numerous residents and groups who have helped us get this far, including author Stephen Bourne and H&F archivist Kath Shawcross.

    Celebrating H&F: A borough like no other

    The Celebrating H&F: A borough like no other pages include a timeline of H&F's history and information about 3 heritage trails.

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    Can you help us?

    This project is not intended to be a complete guide to Hammersmith & Fulham’s Black history.

    It’s an evolving project and we know just how big a task it is given H&F’s unique history and diversity. We’re always searching for historic figures who deserve more recognition or remarkable locations that have had a big impact in the community.

    Do you or someone you know have any stories about moving to or living in H&F?

    If so, email us at

    Tracing your history

    Are you interested in tracing your family history, house history or researching the changes in your local area over the years? Whatever your interests, the staff and volunteers will be happy to assist your research, either in person at Hammersmith Library or via post or email.

    The H&F Local Studies and Archives Centre holds the archives and local history collections for the borough, including documents, books, maps, photographs, old newspapers and other sources for family and local history.

    These records come from the council and its predecessor bodies, local institutions such as churches and schools, local businesses, local organisations and individuals.

    For more details visit the local studies and archive page.