Windrush Day

Windrush Day is celebrated annually on 22 June and honours the British Caribbean community and its contributions to our diverse culture.

75 years ago the Empire Windrush arrived from the Caribbean to the UK carrying 1,029 passengers.  
These passengers would rebuild Britain after the Second World War, working to create the NHS and re-establish the transport systems in major cities. 
They did not always receive a warm welcome, yet persevered making deep contributions to the UK and the world.

They would help to internationalise reggae and other music genres creating a space and place for all cultures in Hammersmith & Fulham.

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Get your groove on!

With songs from Lord Kitchener, Alton Ellis and Janet Kay to name just a few, we've curated a Windrush playlist on YouTube to get you in the mood for Windrush Day. 

The Windrush Generation

Following the losses of World War II, the UK launched a campaign to entice people from the British Empire and Commonwealth to immigrate to the UK.

On 22 June 1948, the HMT Empire Windrush docked in East London, and marked the beginning of Caribbean migration that would follow. The migration of people from the British Empire and Commonwealth was core to country's recovery after the war and in establishing the wonderful, diverse culture that we have today.​

We're standing against racism and discrimination It's important to remember the racism and discrimination that the Windrush generation experienced, and to acknowledge the problems we still face today.

H&F stands against racism in whatever form it may take, and we are encouraging everybody to be involved in the conversation and to help us eradicate racism.

A personal story

The Windrush Generation is a personal story from Peter Parkin, our race equality lead for the H&F Experience and Black History Network.

His father, like so many other fine young men and women, would without hesitation leave Jamaica's sun and sea to enlist in the RAF and associated services ready to do their bit for the war effort.

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