Pick a tour and take a walk around the borough and explore our rich history.

Proud of our borough

Hammersmith & Fulham can rightly be called one of London’s smallest boroughs with a big history and even bigger future.

From its early human settlements, all manner of peoples and organisations - the Romans, kings, important figures, and 3 major football clubs (Chelsea, Fulham, and QPR) - have shaped this borough’s history. The borough’s Black history, particularly, has impacted the whole world.

This section of our website aims to give you an idea of the great things that are happening and have happened in H&F.

However, these pages are not complete but an introduction. They can only be completed when all our stories, and your story, are included. Hopefully, you can tell us about what you think needs to be added.

Perhaps you, your family, friends, or someone you think is doing something that should be recognised will be featured here in the future. We are all part of the rich tapestry, past, present and great future of this borough.

Celebrating our libraries

Hammersmith & Fulham has a number of libraries. However, they are more just places where you can lend and borrow books.

They are community hubs where you can organise activities, find out what is happening in the area, or simply just meet other residents.

Find out about our libraries

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