COVID-19 (coronavirus): Parks updates

Grass cutting in parks

Our grass cutting teams are working their way around the park sites. They are lowering the height of grass where necessary on each visit. We are expecting to have the grass back to its normal height by the end of June.

Parks and open spaces

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Image caption: Image 1: Ravenscourt Park

New licence for professional dog walkers

We have taken the decision to introduce a charge for professional dog walkers in our parks, similar to neighbouring open spaces. The charge is proposed as £175 for a professional dog walker living in the borough and £300 for a non-borough resident. These charges are in line with those in neighbouring boroughs. For a resident dog walker, it equates to about 48p per day.

Find out about a professional dog walker's licence

Parks police service

See Law Enforcement Team

Hire a park or open space

Find out about hiring space in a park


Interactive map of parks and open spaces in H&F

PDF map of parks and open spaces in H&F (pdf)

What can and can't I do in a park?

Barbecues and open fires are not allowed in any of our parks and open spaces unless part of an authorised event with special conditions.  Unauthorised barbecues can result in burnt or scorched grass and they may reignite when disposed of without being put out properly.

For more on parks do's and don'ts: Park Byelaws (pdf)


Parks and Open Spaces strategy 2008-2018 (pdf 972KB)

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