Parking restrictions near schools

Zig-zag road markings outside schools are there to help protect children on their way to and from school. Don't park on the markings please!

What are the yellow zig-zag lines on the road outside schools for?

We have painted yellow ‘zig-zags’ road markings outside many schools in Hammersmith and Fulham for a very good reason: the safety of pupils.

Do not park or stop even for a short moment on these markings.

Any cars stopped or parked in the restricted area can hide small children who are about to cross the road. The children may not see approaching cars, and approaching motorists may not see the children.

Enforcement and penalties

You’ll see time plates on poles near the zig-zag road markings, typically 8-9am and 3-4.30pm, though these timings may vary.

The Highway Code states: “You MUST NOT wait or park, or stop to set down and pick up passengers, on school entrance markings.” (Highway Code rule 238, Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.)

Despite the best efforts of the borough’s schools, parent-teacher associations and the council’s road safety team, a small number of parents/carers continue to stop or park illegally and dangerously on these markings. We periodically step up enforcement to target the minority of parents who ignore the rules.

  • If you stop or park on the markings, you could face a fine of £130 (£65 if paid within 14 days).
  • If your car is towed away to a pound, the cost to release it is £200 (on top of the penalty charge).
  • We will charge you £40 per day (or part day) to store your car in the pound.
  • The cost of disposing of your vehicle is £70.

We all want to keep your children safe. You can help – keep the zig-zags clear.

Do you have to drive to school?

Most children live close enough to walk or cycle to school. Please consider this option. It's often faster than driving in the rush-hour and looking for a safe and legal place to park. Walking is good exercise for children... and for you! Additional benefits include significantly better air quality outside cars (especially if you use quieter back streets) and children arrive better prepared to settle in class and learn after an active, stimulating and energetic journey to school. 

If you really must drive, allow time to park safely and considerately, and do not block entrances, driveways, or junctions - you may have to park some distance away from the school and walk the rest. Morning arrival and afternoon departure of pupils inevitably results in traffic jams near schools so allow plenty of time for your journey. Try walking or cycling one day, it may be faster!

If you can walk, hold your child’s hand, especially when crossing roads and teach them correct road safety skills for life. You can play your part in reinforcing the road safety education which your child receives at school.

If you want to cycle to school with your child, we offer free family cycle training.

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