Cycle and lorry danger awareness training

Advice for cyclists and lorry drivers to help prevent accidents.

Never cycle on the inside of a lorry!

Lorries account for just 4% of London’s traffic but are involved in over half of all cyclist fatalities. The relative size of bicycles compared to lorries means the potential for serious injury and loss of life in a collision between the 2 is significant.

A cyclist is 78 times more likely to be killed in a collision involving a lorry than one involving a car.

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Lorry blind spot demonstration

Exchanging Places

Our Exchanging Places (EP) campaign is aimed at cyclists and lorry and bus drivers. We want to get cyclists into the cab of a lorry, and lorry drivers onto bikes, so that each gets a better view of the other’s perspective.

The black mat area in the photo above, to the left and front of the lorry, shows where the driver's blind spots are - don't go there!

We set up regular roadside EP events with Met Police where cyclists are invited to visit a lorry cab and talk to the driver and find out about the issues of visibility and correct positioning, blind spots, mirrors. Meanwhile a professional mechanic offers a free Dr Bike check-up and service on your bike, and police can provide free security marking service for your bike.

Free driver CPC training for bus, lorry and van drivers

Our one-day Safer Urban Driving course is now Driver CPC certified (Certificate of Professional Competence), and is offered free of charge (apart from £8.75 document upload fee payable on booking, and £50 in the event of non-attendance) to all professional LGV and bus drivers who drive in Hammersmith & Fulham and/or our neighbouring boroughs (Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster).

The course is also open to van drivers who are required to have this training (eg for working on TfL contracts) and is completely free of charge since the document upload fee does not apply. However the £50 fee will apply for non-attendance.

The day consists of a theory module in the classroom and a practical module out on bikes led by an experienced urban cycle instructor.

This is the first accredited course in the UK to include practical on-road cycle training for drivers and will count for 7 of the 35 hours Driver CPC that all professional lorry and bus drivers need to complete every 5 years.

Check how many of your essential 35 CPC hours you have already completed

Safer Urban Driving CPC courses

There are no courses set up at the moment. We will update this page when we have new dates available.

Dates subject to change. These courses normally take place at our depot in Fulham from 8am to 4pm including a free lunch (sandwiches and soft drinks). Full details will be given at time of booking.

NB: Drivers must arrive on time and stay for the full day to be accredited with the CPC hours. In view of London traffic conditions, and frequent congestion in Fulham, drivers are strongly advised not to travel by car to this training. Late arrivals will not be admitted and will incur the £50 non-attendance fee.

Over 2,400 van and lorry drivers have now taken this course.

Courses are open to all LGV and bus drivers working in London, and van drivers working under TfL contracts where this training is mandatory.

Phone 020 8753 3344 with your credit/debit card ready to make your booking. Or email if you need further details.

All H&F lorry drivers (eg refuse collectors) have completed this course.

Safer lorry scheme

We are supporting a London-wide scheme to make our roads safer. Signage will be installed at the boundaries of the scheme.

The scheme ensures that only lorries with basic safety equipment fitted will be allowed on London's roads. Vehicles that are currently exempt from national legislation for basic safety equipment must be retrofitted. This includes construction vehicles, which are involved in a disproportionate number of fatal collisions involving cyclists and pedestrians.

Under the scheme, vehicles over 3.5 tonnes that are currently exempt are required to:

  • be fitted with Class V and Class VI mirrors giving the driver a better view of cyclists and pedestrians around their vehicles
  • be fitted with side guards to protect cyclists from being dragged under the wheels in the event of a collision.

The scheme operates across London, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, covering the same area as the low emission zone. It came into force on 1 September 2015.

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