Free fun for your four-legged friend

Explore Hammersmith & Fulham's 15 dog parks and exercise areas for local pups.

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Gabriela Pereira with dog Bella at Brook Green dog park

Hammersmith & Fulham has more than 50 green open spaces for you to explore, including 15 dog parks and exercise areas for local pups.

The designated spaces are the perfect spot for any neighbourhood dog to stretch their legs, play a round of fetch, or sniff out the perfect stick with their canine pals.

Shepherds Bush dog walker Gabriela Pereira, 25, regularly uses the dog parks.

“I walk three borders in the morning. I do it because I want the dogs to have fun. I’ve always been an animal lover,” said Gabriela.

“I’ve done this for 10 years. All the dogs I walk, I’ve had them all since they were puppies,” she said while walking sisters Bella, 5, and Hedley, 8, in Brook Green’s dog park.

“I find the space really helpful as a dog walker. And the sand is actually really good for picking up after them.”

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Gabriela giving Bella and Hedley a drink

Take your pick

It’s not the only dog park Gabriela and her three companions visit on their daily walkies.

“I go to South Park in the afternoon, I love that park,” she added. “It’s nice, it’s quiet. People are friendly and responsible.”

If you’re on the lookout for some other dog-friendly fun in Fulham, enter your pooch in our upcoming  Dog Show in Parsons Green, Saturday 9 September. Competing categories include The Waggiest Tail, Best Golden Oldie and Scruffiest in Show.

Find your nearest dog park from our list below:

Safety first

Residents have called on H&F to take action on irresponsible dog owners.

Led by their feedback, we’ve created new dog walking rules to improve community safety and allow everyone to enjoy H&F’s parks and open spaces.

“I’ve seen a lot of incidents where dog fights are happening because they can’t control the dogs,” Gabriela recalled. “I like having three dogs maximum because I know I can manage it.”

Matt Curnow, dad to three-year-old Jack Russell, Pug mix Anthony, supports the new rules.

“Responsible dog ownership is important for everyone, both for the dogs and people,” he explained.

You can find more information on the changes on the H&F Dog PSPO webpage.

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Anthony the dog at Brook Green dog park

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