Creating a compassionate council

We want to be a council that acts with love and compassion. Find out what we have been doing to ensure that the most vulnerable among us are looked after.

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Family Support is here to provide families with quick and easy access to support and advice

People love living in Hammersmith & Fulham. It's diverse, connected and on the up and could be better still. In our part of this busy city, residents deserve a place that is safe, clean and green. But most importantly, we have compassion in H&F. Here's what we are doing to make the borough an even better place to live:

  • we want to be a council that acts with love and compassion so the most vulnerable among us are looked after
  • we’re strong because we care about our neighbours
  • we will always challenge the unfairness that threatens to leave people behind
  • we won’t be afraid to take on the powerful to get results
  • we’re reforming the council to ensure this is a place for everybody.

What we’ve been doing

We supported campaigners in their successful fight to make the Government scrap its plans to downgrade Charing Cross Hospital.

We’ve abolished home care charges and cut most other charges in real terms.

We’ve put an extra £4.7million into care services for old and disabled people over the last two years - read our annual report.

We’ve cut meals on wheels charges from £4.50 to £2.

Regretfully, food poverty is now a major feature of our society, which is why we’ve supported the biggest-ever expansion of the borough’s foodbanks to provide emergency supplies to the increasing numbers of people in financial difficulty.

We’ve opened the new £6 million Stephen Wiltshire Centre for Disabled Children.

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H&F Big Christmas Day Lunch at the town hall

We’ve stopped using bailiffs to collect council tax, helping residents avoid debt instead.

We were the only council to help social workers to volunteer to go to the European refugee camps to help rescue unaccompanied refugee children. And we've now doubled our target for welcoming Dubs children, from 100 to 200

We've awarded our second set of Civic Honours - a community awards scheme to recognise the great things local people do.

We’re working with our Older People’s Commission to tackle loneliness and isolation.

We aim to end rough sleeping and homelessness - the independent experts on the Rough Sleeping Commission are helping us find a way to put an end to rough sleeping in H&F.

We've set up a new Family Support service to better help families find the services they need.

We've abolished council tax for foster carers and young people leaving care.

Residents aged over 55 who aren’t having lunch with anyone on Christmas Day are invited to join us at the H&F Big Christmas Day Lunch at the town hall.

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