Population estimates for England and Wales from the 2011 census data.

The Office for National Statistics has published the population estimates for England and Wales at local authority level.

This report was produced using the official 2011 census statistics and do not relate to the later mid-year estimates. However, for the purposes of research and policy, many institutions see it as acceptable to use 2011 census statistics so long as some caveat is made about the estimated changes since 2011.

This report gives some detail of the gender and age structure of the borough (broken down into five-year bands) and people who have second homes. This release does not go below the local authority level.

2012 mid-year population estimates

The Office for National Statistics revises its population estimates annually, so for the most up-to-date figures, please click on the link above.

In July 2012, the time of release of the 2011 census population estimates, the usually resident population of Hammersmith and Fulham was estimated at 182,500. This was a 17,000 or 10% increase on the previous populations estimates, derived from the 2001 census.

Household numbers were estimated at 80,600, up by over 5,000 or 7% from the last census. There are also estimated to be 2,200 short-term non-UK residents in Hammersmith and Fulham at any one time (not included in the usually resident population) spending between three and 12 months in Hammersmith and Fulham.

The response rate was 87%, an 11% improvement on the last census.

The following three key release papers are available:

Second homes

In October 2012, the ONS released information on second homes. It is estimated that in addition to the 182,500 people usually resident in the borough, 7,036 people, who are usually resident elsewhere in England and Wales, have second homes in the borough. 18,673 H&F residents have a second address outside the borough, including abroad.

Ward population estimates

The 2011 census estimated the population for H&F to be 182,493.

    Ward population estimate based on 2011 census
    Ward Population estimate
    Addison 11,518
    Askew 14,160
    Avonmore and Brook Green 12,216
    College Park and Old Oak 9,175
    Fulham Broadway 10,996
    Fulham Reach 11,306
    Hammersmith Broadway 11,923
    Munster 11,004
    North End 11,589
    Palace Riverside 7,483
    Parsons Green and Walham 10,813
    Ravenscourt Park 10,785
    Sands End 12,760
    Shepherd's Bush Green 12,175
    Town 11,201
    Wormholt and White City 13,389

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