Census information

Information about the 2011 census

The latest estimated population of the borough, as at July 2012, is 179,850.

2011 census population estimates - the report on the population structure of the borough.

Key population statistics for Hammersmith and Fulham - summaries and detailed statistics on the population of Hammersmith and Fulham, from the 2011 census.

Details of data sets in this release (pdf)

Detailed population characteristics

A report will be produced towards the end of August 2013 giving detailed tables, including population characteristics across at least three main variables (e.g. country of birth by age and sex) for Hammersmith and Fulham.

Details of data sets released by August 2013 (pdf)
Details of data sets released by November 2013 (pdf)

The Office for National Statistics has not yet finalised these data sets and has given a timetable for this and future census data releases. See the data release plans for the 2011 census results.

In the meantime, as particular data sets are published they will be available from the ONS NOMIS website.

Detailed characteristics, detailed theme and armed forces

Details of data sets to be released subsequent to November (pdf)

2001 census results and statistics

Census 2001 key statistics for H&F (pdf)