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Energy Company Obligation

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a government scheme requiring large energy suppliers to provide energy efficiency measures.

The current scheme targets low-income households living in hard-to-heat properties.

A range of measures are available through ECO, this includes:

  • insulation (external, internal, cavity, loft, flat roof, floor)
  • first-time central heating
  • heating controls
  • electric heating
  • micro-generation.

If you are a tenant or leaseholder, you will need permission from your landlord before having the work done. Landlords can also apply for ECO-funded measures but will need agreement from the tenant or leaseholder.

We are working with energy companies through ECO to carry out improvements, such as loft and cavity wall insulation, for households that meet certain eligibility criteria.

For further information about the scheme, including eligibility, please see support for improving your home on the Ofgem website.

If you do not meet the criteria, you may still be eligible under the Energy Company Obligation: Flexible Eligibility, or the upcoming ECO+ scheme for council tax bands A to D.

ECO: Flexible Eligibility

We have published a wider range of criteria, expanding ECO funding to more households and allowing non-eligible residents to get solid wall insulation through the in-fill scheme.

Only private renters and owner occupiers can apply under ECO Flexible Eligibility.

To check if you may be eligible, please see our latest ECO Flexible Eligibility Statement of Intent.

View our previous ECO Flexible Eligibility statements.

ECO suppliers

The following is a list of approved ECO suppliers for households seeking funding through the ECO scheme.

A&D Carbon Solutions

Agility Eco


Berks Insulation - call 0800 002 5837 or email

Carbon Rewind

Direct Savings

Dyson Energy Services

Eaga Partnership

Ellipse Energy

Energy Saving Group

Energy Saviour

Energy Specifics

Evolve Home Energy Solutions

Golden Globe Merchants

Green Deal Centre - call 0121 702 1637 or email


NCS Property Maintenance

Network Energy Limited

Origin Energy Service

RJM Insulation - call 0203 417 7474 or email

South Coast Insulation Services

Sustain Energy

Work Work Limited

Yes Energy Solutions

Zing Energy

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